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[[ BOOKS ]] ⚡ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Author Holly Jackson –

A Good Girl's Guide to MurderFor Readers Of Kara Thomas And Karen McManus, An Addictive, Twisty Crime Thriller With Shades Of Serial And Making A Murderer About A Closed Local Murder Case That Doesn T Add Up, And A Girl Who S Determined To Find The Real Killer But Not Everyone Wants Her Meddling In The PastEveryone In Fairview Knows The StoryPretty And Popular High School Senior Andie Bell Was Murdered By Her Boyfriend, Sal Singh, Who Then Killed Himself It Was All Anyone Could Talk About And Five Years Later, Pip Sees How The Tragedy Still Haunts Her TownBut She Can T Shake The Feeling That There Was To What Happened That Day She Knew Sal When She Was A Child, And He Was Always So Kind To Her How Could He Possibly Have Been A Killer Now A Senior Herself, Pip Decides To Reexamine The Closed Case For Her Final Project, At First Just To Cast Doubt On The Original Investigation But Soon She Discovers A Trail Of Dark Secrets That Might Actually Prove Sal Innocent And The Line Between Past And Present Begins To Blur Someone In Fairview Doesn T Want Pip Digging Around For Answers, And Now Her Own Life Might Be In DangerThis Is The Story Of An Investigation Turned Obsession, Full Of Twists And Turns And With An Ending You Ll Never Expect

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚡ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Author Holly  Jackson –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
  • Holly Jackson
  • English
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9781984896360

    10 thoughts on “[[ BOOKS ]] ⚡ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Author Holly Jackson –

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    APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE One of the quickest, one of the best crazy roller coaster experiences I had as soon as I took this book into my hands Still shaky, blubbering I already requested a translator to communicate properly , nail less, confused, dizzy but also smiling and happy GAVE MY FIVE FULL MYSTERIOUS SHINING STARS GREAT STORY TELLING, ATTENTION TAKER PLOT, FANTASTIC CHARACTERIZATION, FAST AND HEART THROBBING PACING AND GREAT SATISFYING ENDING What are you waiting for guys The book is NOT going to fall from the sky and drop on your lap Go and buy it and send me thank you letters for my encouraging words We have an amazing heroine, Pippa don t confuse her with longstocking Fitz Amobi loves to search, pry, dig into, talented, smart, nerdy, funny, social, friendly, brave, stands between Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars, older version of Harriet Walsh, with her technical skills, tattoo less and leather less, chain less version of Lisbeth Salander and a younger version Molder less and alien nation less version of Dana Scully Blurb is tempting, amazing, intriguing makes you dive in, clasp the book into your fingers and never let it go as I did My dogs are jealous of the book by barking to the moon to protest me But I resumed my reading because it was gripping, hooking you from the first page kind of book Five years ago, Andie Bell got missing and presumed dead by Sal Singh who committed suicide and sent a text message confessing his crime before he d killed himself But Andie s body had never been found The case is close But Pippa is determined to open it by starting her own investigation process to write her school project and she firstly knocked Sal s family door to ask an interview with his 20 years old brother Ravi who naturally becomes partners in crime with her and their project which turns out the mission for proving Sal s innocence and finding who might have killed Andie As they start to dig , the person of interest list of Pippa becomes longer, includes Pippa s best friend s sister There are too many questions screaming inside your head Who really killed Andie Or Andie is really dead Did she deserve her ending Because as soon as we learn about her, we discover she is a bully, drama queen, drug dealer, blackmailer Her amazing attributes gave me itchy fists to punch her It s strange because I never wanted to kick presumed dead person or I m not sure she is dead person Well, that s a first because this character is living, breathing or not scumbag Who put the blame on Sal Or Sal really did it Well, he s portrait of nice, humble, angelic guy made me call him Castiel as like Supernatural s angel character But we can sense he has been hiding something His friends changed their testimonies about his where beings and his leaving time from their place and rejected to be his alibis So where was he at the murder time Who was sending threatening messages to Pippa to stop her digging Well, I made one of my fastest reads and my spider sense didn t work properly to find the killer or killers till the last pages The author was always ten steps ahead of me I m so blessed to be beaten by her smart writing I had great time to visualize this as a great YA mystery movie or limited Netflix series Anything could be better to replace the third season of 13 reasons why which could be named as 13 reasons of list why the hell did you shoot the third season It was moving, enjoyable, nail biter, mind bending, surprisingly exciting, satisfying read I enjoyed every page, every clue, every thrilling moments of this book I highly recommend it It was even better than One of Us is lying And the best news is there are 3 sequels to come out I already started my excitement dance which is between Beyonce All the single ladies moves and Staying Alive Travolta moves Yay

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    Surprise I was asked to write the recommendation for this story on the Book of the Month website, and I m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you as it s live on the site If you d like to go directly to the page, you can click HERE, just keep scrolling below if you are outside of the US and not a subscriber As a reader who developed her book obsession by devouring every Nancy Drew installment in elementary school, I ve been an avid enthusiast of YA crime fiction for most of my life I cannot resist a good mystery, and am always on the hunt for the next it book in the genre I m a busy mom of two, so it is rare for me to find a book so special that I can finish it in two sittings, but that s exactly what I found with A Good Girl s Guide to Murder.Pippa Fitz Amobi is a true crime loving teen who aspires to become a top notch journalist one day So naturally, she decides to focus her senior capstone project on her small town s most buzzworthy, unsolved crime the murder of Andie Bell What begins as a simple proposal quickly turns into an in depth investigation full of unexpected twists and turns After teaming up with the alleged murderer s brother, the pair spiral into a web of danger and obsession, and quickly wonder if they ve gotten themselves in too deep.This debut reads as if you are investigating alongside the main characters, and fans of true crime podcasts will rejoice in the multimedia formatting that so wittily engages the reader from beginning to end If you enjoy a grounded, engaging mystery that features a diverse cast, discussions surrounding racial injustice, and the importance of found family, I cannot recommend this book highly enough Whether you are aged 13 or 102, this book is for you Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Rounded up from 4.5 stars This is a YA crime thriller, and I enjoyed it so much In a small town, 5 years ago, a young girl called Andie went missing and they could never find her Her ex boyfriend Sal is found dead just a few days later leaving solid proof that he did it and he took his own life So, the police closes the case, and declared Sal as the murderer and Andie dead 5 years after, Pip, a brilliant student chooses the case as her homework But, in her mind, she never believed Sal was guilty, so she s going to try to prove that Who killed Andie And where is she First of all, this was way complex and well built than I had expected because it s the debut of the author It was gripping from the first page, I read it in 2 sittings and it s 430 pages long I literally couldn t put it down It s written in a format that we see Pip s documentation for her homework, sometimes in diary format, sometimes maps, drawings or interviews with people she talked to At other times, it s told from third person perspective to get the story moving I very much enjoyed this format, as it didn t make the book monotonous It was interesting to treat it as a case, being solved in front of my eyes, and I did try to solve it I had many scenarios going in my head, and figured out some, but certainly not fully It was full of twists and turns until the last moment I ll be honest, I could hear my heart beating at some points.Another aspect I loved was the characters, Pip was a lot of fun It was humorous at times It didn t feel heavy hearted because of a murder case No trigger warnings or any gritty details, which is a big plus for me Weren t there any coincidences or conveniences Yes, there were The book was a tad long, and maybe it d be better if it was stripped down a few details BUT, as a whole, I sure enjoyed my time a lot I don t mind the conveniences at all, as they were a very minor con compared to the thrilling sense I got from this book, and enjoyed my time I d auto buy Holly Jackson s next book for sure If you re looking for a good YA thriller, with a good chase and fun characters, don t miss this And, if you enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying, you ll surely enjoy this.

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    I have to work at 7am tomorrow and stayed up ridiculously late just to finish this because I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT UNTIL THE VERY END Holy Jesus that entire book made me shiver but in an entirely good way lol

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    Ok so I ve had a full 24hours to get over how spectacular A Good Girl s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is and I now feel semi ready to write a review So where do I start, WOW, WOW, WOW I needed this book Reading had become so boring lately and this book slapped me right across the face and made me sit up straight and pay attention I loved everything about this book The humour, the characters, the secrets, the emotions I genuinely laughed out loud and burst out crying at this book than once My partner was beside me and asked why I was crying and when I told him he said he wished he hadn t asked IT S THAT SAD and emotional and heart breaking BUT it s also the most uplifting, heartwarming, totally fangirling novel, AND if that s not enough it s also a terrifying, edge of your seat, I m scared to go to the toilet in the dark kind of story Now do you understand why I couldn t write the review yesterday So what s it about Well, my totally awesome, geeky spirit animal Pippa aka Pip chooses a closed case to write and research for her end of year project It s an open and shut case as far as the town and police are concerned 1 girl dead, murdered by her boyfriend, boyfriend panicked and killed himself before police could arrest him The end Pippa isn t convinced though and when she acquires an unlikely partner in crime the two of them will stop at nothing to get to the truth Even if it means putting themselves and their families in danger This is a must read for everyone who enjoys a crime novel, psychological thriller, murder mystery, YA fiction, love story It covers every genre and don t let the YA category put you off I am nearly 30 it is by far my favourite read this year Can I finish by saying how amazing is the cover It instantly caught my eye I love it Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for a free ARC in return for an honest review This is going to be a best seller without a doubt I WANT A NETFLIX SERIES

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    Fast paced and full of interesting twists I have to admit it won t be a memorable read, but it was entertaining A younger me would probably give this YA novel 5 stars I could predict some things, but not everything I had a good time while reading it 5 Sad to finish it, this book was amazing4 Really liked it 3 Liked it2 Fell asleep a couple of times during my reading but not entirely boring 1 Why did I bother to finish it

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    It s been a while since I ve picked up a YA mystery, and this one was very entertaining Not only was it told through pose, but it also includes emails, transcripts, papers, etc to make it feel as though you too are looking through piles of evidence to solve this local crime It s also been a while since I ve read a book and didn t successfully guess the plot twists, but one can also say the answer to this crime came somewhat out of no where, so shrugs I wasn t utterly impressed by the ending but I also wasn t let down I guess I was simply satisfied by it I do also have to say having in terms of narration, Pip s logs, chronicling her ideas and theories as she solves this mystery, was in 1st person and the regular prose of the story being in 3rd person was a bit awkward to switch points of views so drastically, but it was still an enjoyable read I also do have to call out how unethical Pip was while solving this mystery as well in terms of blackmailing suspects, breaking into homes to get evidence, impersonating a journalist, but I mean, that s fiction for you It truly be like that sometimes lol ALSO WANT TO SAY SOMETIMES THREE STARS AREN T A BAD THING IT WAS FUN, ENTERTAINING, LEFT ME ON MY TOES I JUST DON T HAVE TO GIVE EVERY BOOK I ENJOY FIVE STARS TW Sexual assault, drugs, roofies, death of a pet, kidnapping

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    What a wild ride

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    I ve been feeling so unmotivated to write reviews for books recently I think it probably has something to do with the colossal reading slump i am in yay me So this is all i could muster This was YA than i am used to Predictable but fun nonetheless.

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    Absolutely addictive and immersive, this is a brilliant contemporary murder mystery perfect for fans of my books who want to step up into YA fiction Can you guess who killed Andie Bell 12 Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only If you use it in any marketing material, online or anywhere on a published book without asking permission from me first, I will ask you to remove that use immediately Thank you

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