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[[ Reading ]] ➸ Beyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women Publicans Author Clare Wright –

Beyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women PublicansChallenges The Myth That The Australian Pub Is A Male Domain This Book Weaves Interviews, Archival Sources, Folk Songs, Bush Ballads And Other Popular Literature Throughout The Narrative, As Well As Historical And Contemporary Photos It Exposes The Remarkable Visibility And Dynamic Presence Of Female Publicans.

[[ Reading ]] ➸ Beyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women Publicans Author Clare Wright –
  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Beyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women Publicans
  • Clare Wright
  • English
  • 19 April 2019
  • 9780522850710

    10 thoughts on “[[ Reading ]] ➸ Beyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women Publicans Author Clare Wright –

  1. says:

    This book leaves me wanting an ABC series about a middle aged publican in a small town in the late nineteenth century played by Noni Hazelhurst and a temperance crusader Jacki Weaver who opens a coffee palace across the road Make it happen, universe.

  2. says:

    Some books, you can just tell they re a thesis turned into publishable form That s not a criticism especially not coming from me , it s just that published theses read differently to popular history And it just makes me wonder a little how this got into our library collection Because it s on an odd topic and it s not by a big publisher.But anyway I m really glad I stumbled across this book It s a history thematic rather than narrative of women publicans, particularly in Victoria Wright traces the history of Australia and women publicans through legislation, social acceptance, literary portrayal, and political influence I ve got some literary theory issues with that particular chapter, and it s fairly clear that Clare Wright s feminism is not my feminism, but all the same, it s an interesting and thoroughly readable book ...

  3. says:

    A very informative background to some family history I am researching To say at this time would be to undermine that research to some degree Suffice to say that the stories we are all told and that we tend to retell each other have their own ends that often have little to do with t...

  4. says:

    A research book with great stories and statistics about female publicans in Australia Very interesting facts and details about licensing and ownership by women in the early days of liquor licensing in Australia.

  5. says:

    Fascinating a great read about why female publicans are a central part of Australia Victoria s economic and emotional history Very interesting in that they were treated by the law in a favourable way, ie outside a gender stereotype.

  6. says:

    For history buffs this would be great, for me there were just too many statistics and not enough stories about the women who ran our Australian pubs.

  7. says:

    There is little to complain about Clare Wright s scholarship, which is impeccable, featuring new and innovative research into the topic of women publicans in Australia a topic that seems unresearched and overlooked, judging from this book , nor her writing style, which is clear, emotive and accessible.However, for all these good points, it s worth noting that Beyond the Ladies Lounge is a academic and scholarly work It s not the most scintillating of reads, probably because of Wright s academic approach to her subject this book is based on her honours thesis Instead of the story of female Australian publicans, it s of an exploration of the concept, and as such, there s a lot of focus on general trends and attitudes The narrative comes alive when Wright discusses specific publicans and their experiences, but these are often lost amidst a sea of...

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