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[Ebook] The Dance of the Violin By Kathy Stinson –

The Dance of the Violin As A Young Student Of The Violin, Joshua Bell Learns About An International Competition To Be Held In Kalamazoo, Michigan He Chooses A Piece Of Music, Which His Teacher Suggests May Be Too Difficult, But Joshua Is Determined It S A Piece Of Music He Loves At The Competition, Joshua Experiences The Usual Jitters Once His Name Is Called, He Strides To The Stage And Begins To Play, But Almost Immediately, He Makes A Mistake As He Is About To Walk Off The Stage, He Asks The Judges If Could Try Again They Agree, And This Time, The Playing Is Impeccable Du An Petricic S Brilliant Illustrations Full Of Movement And Color, Capture The Sounds Made By Joshua S Violin, From The Missed Notes To The Swirling, Uplifting Strains Of The Perfectly Executed Piece Children Will Readily Empathize With Joshua S Misstep, But They Will Also Learn That There Is Always A Second Chance.

[Ebook] The Dance of the Violin  By Kathy Stinson –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Dance of the Violin
  • Kathy Stinson
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9781554518999

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    Absolutely love this book about violinist Joshua Bell as a young boy learning to play and then participating in his first violin competition Lovely lighthearted illustrations and wonderful and necessary message about the power of music to tell stories and the power of sta...

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    If you re not already familiar with violinist Joshua Bell, but think his name sounds familiar, it might be because of an interesting experiment he participated in about ten years ago, which involved playing his 3.5 million violin in a crowded subway station to see how many people would stop and listen The Washington Post has about that here.But that s not what this book is about The Dance of the Violin is about Joshua as a young boy, and the story focuses on his decision to play a very difficult piece of music in a competition when he was twelve years old.What I really like about this story is that it involves him making a mistake, but then stopping and asking to start again It doesn t focus on who wins or on doing everything perfectly though additional information about the context of this event is given at the end of the book I was really inspired as I read about Joshua deciding to try again...

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    Book The Dance of the ViolinAuthor Kathy StinsonPublisher Annick PressGenre Children s Fiction Picture BooksPublication Date March 14, 2017Rating Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me a copy of this in exchange for my honest review My Thoughts This is the description published because mine would NOT do this book justice p As a young student of the violin, Joshua Bell learns about an international competition to be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan He chooses a piece of music, which his teacher suggests may be too difficult, but Joshua is determined It s a piece of music he loves At the competition, Joshua experiences the usual jitters Once his name is called, he strides to the stage and begins to play, but almost immediately, he makes a mistake As he is about to walk off the stage, he asks the judges if could try again They agree, and this time, the playing is impeccable The illustrations in this book were lovely I loved the way the illustrator used bright color to represent movement and emotion in music Sorry everyone, I couldn t find pics of the illustrations for this one The story was beautiful as well It was quite a surprise to learn that it was a true story I think that children would love this story and that parents would love the values it teaches th...

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    Stinson and Petri i return to deliver another glorious story about true life violin player Joshua Bell, this time describing his introduction to this art When Joshua was young he discovered a passion for playing music It didn t matter what it was, he would bang on pots, and ring anything with a tone Then his parents gave him a violin, and his talent and love for music only soared He could see a story in the things he played, and he was good at showing others what he saw through what he played In his first ever competition, he flubbed his first take, but persisted, started again, and elevated his audience with him Like The Man with the Violin, The Dance of the Violin also expresses the glorious feelings of music through its uplifting words, and, through the colourful, swirling lines which are meant to portray the image of sound Through the trials of learning a new, difficult piece, to the message of never giving up when a mistake is made, Joshua Bell is an excellent role mod...

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    The Dance of the ViolinBy Kathy StinsonIllustrations by Dusan PetricicRating 5This is a wonderful story based upon the life of Joshua Bell, a world renown violinist and conductor It portrays a young boy who so loves music that he has pictures in his head when he plays It is about practicing diligently and commitment I think I liked the story because it was an biography, of sorts, of a famous violinist but it was than that It portrayed a very important life lesson You aren t alway going to win nor are you always going to succeed in all that you do the first time around but never give up on your yourself or your dreams For me, it was the illustrations that made this book a 5 I could visualize the pictures going through Joshua s headParental Note This story opens a door for discussion Kids aren t always going to win or be the best in all that they do all of the time This is a story about not giving up.I received an electronic copy of this b...

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    This book was reviewed via Netgalley Dance of the Violin tells the story of young Joshua Bell, how he began learning the violin, and his first competition performance This is a little tale of persistence, patience, and above all, a joyful love of playing the violin Young Joshua is excited at the prospect of participating in an upcoming competition He chooses an ambitious piece to learn, for a violinist so young This piece is Lalo s Symphonie Espagnole, a piece difficult to master at any age But Joshua was determined There was a story to this music and he wanted to release it Will all of his work pay off when the big day comes Will he be able to share the story he sees in the music with others This is a book for younger readers, though quite enjoyable for adults too The artwork is amazing I love how we get...

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    Disclaimer I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review Joshua loved playing music At a young age his parents bought him a violin One day he learns of a competition and the price is playing with an orchestra He must compete He chooses a very difficult song that even his teacher thinks may be too hard for him But he loves it so much that he practices, and practices, and practices He was very nervous for the competition When it was his turn to preform he makes a mistake and almost leaves to stage Instead he asks the judge if he could start over and he says all right He plays better than ever before I think that this is a good book for children to read It teaches them that everyone makes mistakes and you always have a second chance Even after messing up Aiden had the courage to stay on stage and try again I enjoyed how every time t...

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    The Dance of the Violin by Kathy Stinson with illustrations by Du an Petri i is a read aloud story adapted from the life of famed violin player Joshua Bell.The story starts with a young Joshua who loved making all kinds of music on all kinds of things, like cardboard tubes and bicycle bells When his parents bought him a violin, the journey began I love the image of a star over the young child s head representing learning the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star When he gets older, he learns of a violin competition, and he has to go He also decides to play a piece of music that his teacher cautions against What will happen at the competition The illustrations are so fun in this book The lines that come off of the violin and represent the music are really great I liked the F.A.Q answering questions I had about the story It s a pretty cute story, and might inspire young mus...

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    Music inspires it transports you to a different world This book portrays that with playful illustrations that seem to dance across the pages with grace and energy The words dance right along with them all the while telling a wonderful, inspiring story A piece of music speaks to Joshua, with visions of dancers when he sees the notes, and though he is told that this is hard, he works hard at it and learns the piece to play in a competition His perseverance and his passion shine through, even in the face of failure Knowing it is based on a true incident makes it all the inspiring The book ends abruptly and I wish the end notes which explain what happened were actually written in as part of the story itself with illustrations That would have made this perfect.This is definitely a book to read to or with children, to teach that you can g...

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    I chose this simply on the title, as a violist myself So I was delighted halfway through to realize this is based on the childhood of renowned violinist, Joshua Bell This was such a great story for children in general, but definitely for those pursuing music that hard work and practice pays off, that if you make a mistake just keep going, and especially about the magical quality ...

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