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!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Edgework: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics ✐ Author Wendy Brown –

Edgework: Critical Essays on Knowledge and PoliticsEdgework Brings Together Seven Of Wendy Brown S Most Provocative Recent Essays In Political And Cultural Theory They Range From Explorations Of Politics Post 9 11 To Critical Reflections On The Academic Norms Governing Feminist Studies And Political Theory Edgework Is Also Concerned With The Intellectual And Political Value Of Critique Itself It Renders Contemporary The Ancient Jurisprudential Meaning Of Critique As Krisis, In Which A Tear In The Fabric Of Justice Becomes The Occasion Of A Public Sifting Or Thoughtfulness, The Development Of Criteria For Judgment, And The Inauguration Of Political Renewal Or Restoration Each Essay Probes A Contemporary Problem The Charge Of Being Unpatriotic For Dissenting From U.S Foreign Policy, The Erosion Of Liberal Democracy By Neoliberal Political Rationality, Feminism S Loss Of A Revolutionary Horizon And Seeks To Grasp The Intellectual Impasse The Problem Signals As Well As The Political Incitement It May Harbor.

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Edgework: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics ✐ Author Wendy Brown –
  • Paperback
  • 159 pages
  • Edgework: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics
  • Wendy Brown
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780691123615

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    As a left political theorist steeped in the world of post structuralism and high theory generally, there are few who might be able to claim the mantle of working at the edge so than Wendy Brown It s little surprise then, that this collection marks something of a sustained inquiry into just that state, a set of reflections not just from the edge, but of that edge itself Shot through with a pathos of self reflection, the essays here largely take up, in one way or another, the value s of critical and political theory why practice critical theory today What kind of future does, or should, political theory have Should woman s studies remain a field of study And what of feminism It s questions of this kind that animate the inquiries within, questions not always asked in the tumult of political critique, but here placed front and centre with no less the feel of urgency and necessity.Indeed, for anyone who s ever been asked the question but what the point of all that stuff you do and I m thinking of us Theory addled obsessives here , Brown s book serves as not only a handbook of reply, but as a caution against answering too hastily too Against those who would demand that theory act as a mirror to the world, reflecting it according to the metric of truth, its real function, for Brown, lies in just the opposite theory depicts a world that does not quite exist, a world that is not quite the one we inhabit i...

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    wendy brown is super astute here is the quote that brought me to this collection The death of a promise is like no other because a promise is incorporeal there is no body to claim, to bid farewell, to bury which is why the Left argues incessantly over what the body is In mourning a dead promise, a promise that no longer is one, we mourn the disappeared this is a perpetual and ungratified mourning that reaches in vain for closure The very object that we mourn the opening of a different future, the ideal illuminating that future has vanished So we cannot even see or say what we mourn, gather at the site of its disappearance, weep over its remains, hold its lively embodiment in our memory as we must if the mourning is to come to an end This is a mourning that inevitably becomes melancholia as the loved and lost promise becomes nameless and unfathomable in a present that cancels and even mocks it, its disappearance is secured by this loss of a n...

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    Brown works the discourse of critique with precision and acumen Topics both political and intellectual are opened up for analysis and treated to a host of thoughtful probings that bring forth fruit in the often surprising manner of eliciting deeper appreciation for the topic u...

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    I just love her discussion of what is theory, why is it hard to be a theorist, and how the real value and beauty of theory is the fact that it depicts a world that does not exist, which allows us to imagine and hope for something better than the world we do have or to give voice to this...

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    Brown is one of the clearest leftist thinkers of today Her work on political theory, feminist theory, Foucault, and identity are accessible and ever intriguing One of her best works, in my opinion.

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