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!!> PDF / Epub ☁ The behaviour of moths ✍ Author Poppy Adams –

The behaviour of mothsFrom Her Lookout On The First Floor, Ginny Watches And Waits For Her Younger Sister To Return To The Crumbling Mansion That Was Once Their Idyllic Childhood Home Vivien Has Not Set Foot In The House Since She Left, Forty Seven Years Ago Ginny, The Reclusive Moth Expert, Has Rarely Ventured Outside It.But With Vivien S Arrival, Dark, Unspoken Secrets Surface Told In Ginny S Unforgettable Voice, This Debut Novel Tells A Disquieting Story Of Two Sisters And The Ties That Bind Sometimes A Little Too Tightly.

!!> PDF / Epub ☁ The behaviour of moths ✍ Author Poppy Adams –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The behaviour of moths
  • Poppy Adams
  • English
  • 18 August 2017
  • 9781844084869

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    I wasn t sure what to make of this book and it didn t seem to know what to make of itself because the author deliberately leaves most of the loose ends loose It has many elements which should add up to something an unreliable narrator, a crumbling isolated mansion in the English countryside, a dysfunctional family, two ageing sisters, a forty year old rift, a touch of madness, surrogacy, lethal lepidopterists, lots of elements that would make a reasonable gothic tale Somehow the elements do not quite come together.It is the story of two sisters Virginia lives alone in the crumbling family mansion and has not seen her sister Vivien for about forty years Suddenly Vivien announces she is returning to retire It is set over a single weekend and mostly in flashback form How much of the story we are told is true is not possible to establish as it becomes clear that Vivien is not an entirely reliabl...

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    so while the sister is powered by the same sort of confidently rendered literary suspense that propelled donna tartts the secret history onto bestseller lists nyt is not quite the same thing as books claiming to be just like secret history , it stays on the shelf because no one can stop me and the author photo shows the same kind of serious angular beauty as donna tartt, so similarity this book is full of things i like the big crumbling mansion of the traditional gothic, the unreliable narrator of patrick mcgrath, the family secrets of kate atkinson, and now all im doing is name dropping i thought it was good there are a few flaws that are just simply flaws a lot of first novels suffer from the tendency to overdescribe certain things the reader is not interested in at the expense of some really interesting bits that remain a mystery of course, a lot of this could be deliberate because of this particular narrators emotional shortcomings i thought...

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    This novel is a fascinating exploration of the ways in which the mind can work, distort, and deteriorate At the outset, this seems to be a fairly simple story of estranged sisters reuniting in their old age While I could tell from reading the jacket that the real story would probably come in the possible scandal or heartbreak of their estrangement, I wasn t expecting the instability of the narrator.It s the little things that tip you off gradually to what is happening here Once you realize that Adams is using the classic technique of the unreliable narrator, it s impossible not to look beneath the surface of everything that she sees and remembers for the truth It s also amazing how easily you can understand or sympathize with Ginny s logic, as twisted as it is almost frightening once you realize how easily a mind can warp the truth.The novel is a little slow to start out, but the story really picks up fairly soon The descriptions of the moths and the processes that come with studying them may seem a little tedious, but I think they are necessary to completely immerse the reader in Ginny s mind especially at the end of the novel Adams includes little details in all the right places.This is definitely a novel wo...

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    This book was loaned to me by a friend of mine who described it as the strangest book she had ever read My bar for strange has been raised pretty high, so this book had a lot to live up to Initially, I was surprised to find myself utterly engrossed by something that is the complete opposite of virtually everything in my library This curious tale of two elderly sisters in an old Victorian house with nothing in common but a forty year rift and their family s interest in moths was a much alien landscape to me than the mountains of Barsoom, and I couldn t put the book down However, I realized about halfway through the book that I was still waiting for something to really happen The strange thing is that when something did happen in the book, I wasn t moved very much The ending wasn t funny enough to be a b...

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    Two sisters see meet again after years of estrangement The air is heavy with resentment and grudges We learn the story from Ginny the narrator We hope to get the unbiased account of events because Ginny is supposed to be the reasonable and sensible one, the scientist Sometimes later we, of course, realise she is a completely unreliable narrator, but as is often in such cases, we can t help but see logic in her reasoning that bit always worries me, just how far am I from becoming mad myself Other reviewers complained they got too many moths and not enough answers I didn t mind so much I used to be very much into animals and that included insect and their Latin names , so it was like reading one of those books I used to read when I was a kid As for answers, Ginny couldn t give us any answers beca...

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    The thesis of this book is marginally interesting The protagonist, now in her 60s, is a recluse with significant mental problems who has lived alone in the crumbling family mansion for several decades Her sister, whom she has not seen for thirty years, has decided to move home for her retirement The action takes place over a long weekend, but there are extensive flashbacks to fill in the background.The family are leipdopterists, and the book is filled with far too much moth lore for my taste The characters seem to me flat and not particularly interesting And finally, the author has, as she ...

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    A fascinating debut novel from an author with enormous promise, The Behaviour Of Moths is the neo gothic story of a dysfunctional family told from the viewpoint of the obsessional, deluded and probably autistic elder daughter, Virginia Set in a huge, crumbling mansion in Dorset, the narrative focuses on the return of Virginia s younger sister, Vivien and its effect on Virginia s hermetically sealed senility Virginia s youth was spent working alongside her lepidopterist father, Clive and the text seethes with the minutiae of their research, the alien details of the insect world with its cast of parasites and cannibals providing a ghastly commentary on the behaviour of Virginia and her family.What I particularly liked about the narrative was the difference between Virginia s version of the tangled events that lead to two deaths and the version that the reader is gradually allowed to unravel Not all of the questions are answered and we are left with a degree of uncertainty but that ...

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    I enjoyed the book, but it was ultimately disappointing There seemed to be all kinds of currents and undercurrents and I kept waiting for the big revelations did Virginia push Vivian off the bell tower Was Virginia really a great lepidopterist, or was it all in her head But nothing was ever actually revealed the ending let me down Either an editor edited this to the bone or the author was trying for a book di...

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    BN First Look Advanced Reading Copy.At first, it was difficult for me to get into this book Ginny is, as her father was before her, a lepidopterology expert an expert on moths But as I continued to read it became clear that there was much to this story than the study of insects Told from Ginny s point of view, we remember the past events which bound Ginny and her sister Vivi together and led to their fifty year estrangement, while we also follow the events of the present weekend Many questions are raised Why did the devoted sisters become estranged Why did Vivi come back now, after half a century of being away How would Ginny adjust to Vivi s presence in her neatly ordered world Those questions were only the beginning As the story unfolded it became clear that there was much to it than moths, but when the twist came, it was to me completely unexpected and ...

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    It just goes to show a recommendation from goodreads friends can be worth 1,000 four star average ratings.I ve often had the experience of choosing a book based on its high goodreads rating and feeling disappointed by it This time, I ignored the low goodreads rating and was pleasantly surprised Maybe it was simply because of my reduced expectations, but I actually really enjoyed this book for the most part.It s kind of a dark story about two sisters and their complicated relationship Virginia, the sister telling the story, is an eccentric personality and we see pretty early on that she is an unreliable narrator a device I absolutely love when it s done well, and in this case I felt it was The author does a wonderful job of getting inside strange Virginia s head and showing us how she views her sister and her dysfunctional parents, all the while casting doubt on her perspective I was a little disappointed at the end by some unanswered questions ...

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