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[BOOKS] ⚡ The Mysterious Murder of JFKs Mistress ✯ Ron Rosenbaum –

The Mysterious Murder of JFKs Mistress On The Saturday Following Mary Meyer S Murder, Five People Gathered At Her Georgetown Home And Tore It Apart Searching For The Secret Diary Sometime Before She Died, Mary Had Entrusted To Her Friends James And Ann Truitt The Fact Of Her Affair With JFK And The Existence Of A Diary Recounting Some Of Her Evenings With The President.In The Mysterious Murder Of JFK S Mistress, Ron Rosenbaum Investigates The Murder Of Mary Pinochet Meyer, Whose Affair With President John F Kennedy Became Tabloid Fodder, And Who Was Found Shot To Death On October 12, 1964 Immediately After Her Death, One Of The CIA S Top Priorities Was Finding The Diary In Which Meyer Chronicled Her Relationship With The Late President And The Secrets They Shared The Mysterious Murder Of JFK S Mistress Was Originally Published In New Times, October 1976, And Co Authored With Philip Nobile.Cover Design By Adil Dara.

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ⚡ The Mysterious Murder of JFKs Mistress ✯ Ron Rosenbaum –

  1. says:

    I think the problem here was I just don t care It sounds like conspiracy theory and I m just not that into that I did appreciate the tag at the end, though, providing an update since the original publication.

  2. says:

    Another conspiracy theoryOkay quick read about one of JFK s alleged mistresses who met a tragic end Sad story but considering the toxic effect the Kennedys had on those around them not surprising.

  3. says:

    interestingquick and interesting read about a fascinating unsolved murder mystery, didn t shed much light or give many theories about the case, but it did present the basic facts pretty clearly

  4. says:

    interestingInteresting but it seems like the truth is buried somewhere but no one is telling conspiracy, the trail this author follows perhaps this could be true Yes someday the truth will come out.

  5. says:

    HmmmmmYet another woman who had an affair with JFK She ends up dead after his assassination and her murder is unsolved And her diary Was it copied And where is that copy if it exists A very short story that lays out known facts And speculations.

  6. says:

    Nothing newDon t waste your time on this Just a rehash of what was already known What does it matter now anyway

  7. says:

    Interesting but wasn t the true conspiracy i was expectingShort and interesting but it wasn t the true conspiracy that I was expecting It s a good read for history buffs.

  8. says:

    very interesting and informative short and sweet

  9. says:

    Not very interestingJust the usual Conspiracy theories It was like reading a news article Would not suggest 2 hours I will never get back

  10. says:

    no conspiracythought this was kind of contradictory seems like an attempt to state that there was no conspiracy but was not definitive.

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