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➝ American Goth (Goode-Grace #1) free download ➢ Author Cyn Mackley –

American Goth (Goode-Grace #1) When Her Grandfather Dies Mysteriously, New York City Artist And Goth Chick Trinity Goode Heads Back To Her Small Ohio Hometown To Take Over The Farm And Figure Out What Really Happened To The Man Who Always Accepted Her Just As She Was Trinity S Ready To Lace Up Her Doc Marten Boots To Be A Church Lady And Bake Pies For The County Fair, But Is Her Hometown Ready To Welcome Her Back With Some Help From Her Old Friend Deputy Bobby Grace, She Tries To Solve The Mystery Of Her Grandfather S Death And Track Down Just Who Has Been Hell Bent On Ruining Her Reputation What She Finds Out Could Get Her Killed You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country, Put Red Streaks In Her Hair, And Dress Her All In Black, But You Can T Take The Country Out Of The Girl Pitchfork In Hand, This American Goth Is Ready To Find A Killer, Save The Farm, Win A Blue Ribbon For Jam, And Just Maybe Snag Herself A Good Ole Country Boy.

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    E Reader MysteryTrinity Goode lives in one room, in NYC, as a kind of goth artist Very talented.Her favorite person her Grandfather dies at his Ohio farm She gets an airline ticket to get back home.His will leaves her the main house land Plus most of his finances She decides to stay not sell it to her cousin who owns half of the property runs everything He s married with two children.Her Grandfather died when it was dark out He was not found right away When she went to the house his breakfast dishes were on the kitchen table That was very unusual He was found under his tractor It was ruled accidental death.Trinity didn t feel it was an accident asked her old friend Sheriff Deputy Bobby Grace, to help her investigate After the coroner rechecked his findings he asked another coroner to feel the file It ended up they exhumed Hiram Goode, he was murdered.There so much to this story it will...

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    A Modicum of Mystery Not Much Goth This book has some mystery elements and only a semblance of police work The main plot line is about artist Trinity Goode returning from big, bad NYC and going back to rural Ohio to live on her grandfather s farm Trinity is written as an almost perfect person Her surname is Goode, for goodness sake Goth clothing supposedly makes her different, but only because small town folks equate wearing black with being a Goth She admits that in NYC, hardcore Goths wouldn t be seen on the same side of the street with her Other characters are also cliches 1 a country cousin who hates fears everything and everyone in the Big City, 2 a handsome deputy good guy boyfriend who tells the MC that she s...

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    American GothTrinity Goode, an artist who dresses in what Ohioans consider goth style, receives a call from her mother telling her that her beloved grandfather has died Her mother also requests that she wear something normal to the funeral Trinity is met at the airport by her friend and Deputy Sheriff Bobby Grace.There are several things that don t seem right to Trinity upon arrival the circumstances of her grandfather s death and why everyone thinks that she is a slut Bobby Grace seems determined to help her get to the bottom of both oddities.The characters in the book are entertaining and divers...

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    Young Goth Trinity got a farmAn amazing story of multi generational families in middle America An artistic and talented young woman named Trinity moves back to the mid west family farm after her grandfather wills the farm to her following his untimely death Trinity is a goth and the small town she returns to is filled with family...

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    Homecoming and the Truth.5 gold stars plus 100 gold stars This is on of the best Mystery Reads I ve read in a long time When they say You can take the City out of the girl , but You can t take the Country out of the girl is very true Cyn Mackley is truly a gr...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book The main character is unique a bit different, but a really good person who has been through a lot I don t want to get into the plot as it might spoil the reading experience for others Just know that it is well worth reading One of those ...

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    Lovely who dunnit with a bit of romance.Trinity was a bit too perfect for me, but overall I liked the story line.The kindle version I read, did have some editing errors that took me out of the story,missing words in the sentence, and at times I hadto re read a ...

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    Completely adorable from start to finish I love the idea of a small town girl who moves back from the big city I love each and every one of the characters even the slimiest ones Trinity reminds me of a dear friend who moved away several years ago This book left me giggling Hands down a WINNER

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    Very Entertaining little murder mysteryI very much enjoyed this little book It includes well developed, interesting characters in a plot with plenty of twists to keep you guessing It gets a little preachy for me at times, but has a nice message Does contain a little bit of sex and violence.

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    I loved this book with one huge exception, too many dialogue tags He said, She said is not needed every conversation, sometimes its just obvious who is speaking I loved the characters and will try the second book in this series.

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