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Read ✓ The Barbarian's Bride By Alex Ryder –

The Barbarian's BrideThe Bartered Bride To Kassim Riffik, Janene Was Worth Fifty Thousand Pounds Of Cool Hard Cash That Was The Exact Amount Her Wayward Boyfriend Owed Him And Kassim Always Collected On His Debts Being Abducted By The Sexiest Man On Two Legs, Even If He Was A Barbarian, Was Clearly No Joke For Janene Especially When He Had Made It Clear That He Regarded Her As Little Than Payment In Kind He Had Stolen Her Away To His Desert Home Intent On Getting His Money S Worth But It Seemed That Kassim Had In Mind Than Making Janene His Desert Mistress She Was To Be His Forever

Read ✓ The Barbarian's Bride By Alex Ryder –
  • The Barbarian's Bride
  • Alex Ryder
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9780263144086

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    TRIGGER WARNING abduction, dubcon, sexual assault, racismThis book was actually pretty fun, in spite of some ridiculous elements.The good Beautiful descriptions of the Moroccan landscape.The hero s dialogue is so ridiculously over the top flowery that it becomes hilarious, and even he seems to be laughing at himself at some points.The hero seems to be legitimately trying to be supportive of and respectful to women than his culture allows, although he has some ingrained misogynist tendencies that go unexamined.The heroine is a savvy businesswoman who s feisty and stubborn, and she ll do self destructive things like try to walk across the desert until she collapses from heatstroke rather than get back in the car with her kidnapper after he casually informs her that he bought her from her ex fiance like she was a piece of property, but she s never portrayed as some unreasonable shrew or a moron who should just let the man take care of her.The bad The heroine decided to quit being a successful businesswoman because she thinks that choosing to pursue a career instead of a family is what killed her parents She used all the money she was earning to send them ...

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    The bartered bride To Kassim Riffik, Janene was worth fifty thousand pounds of cool hard cash That was the exact amount her wayward boyfriend owed him and Kassim always collected on his debts.Being abducted by the sexiest man on two legs, even if he was a Barbarian, was clearly no joke for Janene Especially when he had made it clear that he regarded her as little than payment in kind He had stolen her away to his desert home intent on getting his money s worth But it seemed...

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