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[Read] ➼ The Agent Runner ➹ Simon Conway –

The Agent Runner From The Winner Of An Ian Fleming Silver Dagger Award, A Spy Who Came In From The Cold For Today S Wars.British By Birth, Foreign By Descent, And Agnostic By Conviction, Edward Henry Malik Is An MI6 Handler An Agent Runner For Four Years He Has Been Running An Agent Codenamed Nightingale Inside Pakistan S Notorious ISI, Keeping Watch On Its Links To Al Qaeda And The Taliban And Its Machinations In Neighboring Afghanistan, But Mostly Monitoring For Threats To The British Homeland Then, In The Aftermath Of Osama Bin Laden S Killing, Nightingale Is Exposed And Ed S World Falls Apart.Dismissed From MI6 And With His Reputation In Tatters, Ed Returns To His Roots In The Immigrant Enclave Of Whitechapel In London S East End He Takes A Job At A Freight Forwarding Office And Unexpectedly Falls In Love With The Proprietor S Daughter It Seems As If He Has Finally Found Respite From His Demons But You Can T Escape Your Past Ed Knows Too Much, And He Has Come To The Attention Of Major General Javid Aslam Khan Pakistan S Legendary Spymaster, Known As The Hidden Hand.This Lean, Propulsive Thriller Tells A Classic Story Of Love, Trust, And Betrayal Set Against Today S Great Game, While In The Background Swirl Rumors Of A One Legged Mullah And A Shadowy Militia With The Means To Detonate A Dirty Bomb.Skyhorse Publishing, As Well As Our Arcade, Yucca, And Good Books Imprints, Are Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of Books For Readers Interested In Fiction Novels, Novellas, Political And Medical Thrillers, Comedy, Satire, Historical Fiction, Romance, Erotic And Love Stories, Mystery, Classic Literature, Folklore And Mythology, Literary Classics Including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, And Much While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller Or A National Bestseller, We Are Committed To Books On Subjects That Are Sometimes Overlooked And To Authors Whose Work Might Not Otherwise Find A Home.

[Read] ➼ The Agent Runner  ➹ Simon Conway –
  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • The Agent Runner
  • Simon Conway
  • 19 September 2019
  • 9781628725995

    10 thoughts on “[Read] ➼ The Agent Runner ➹ Simon Conway –

  1. says:

    OMG I could not put THE AGENT RUNNER down once I started it s the best book I ve read in a while The central character is Edward Malik who is British and an agent runner in Pakistan When bin Ladin is killed the agent he has been running for 4 years is e...

  2. says:

    THE AGENT RUNNER by Simon Conway is a modern take on the spy novel Mr Conway writes this book in the style of John Le Carre, where the predominant factor is the reality of the people and the methodology behind their actions, rather than action itself his is a reality based spy novel, as opposed to the Bond Bourne school of story This is a very good thing for fans of this type of tale I tend to lean towards the escapist, shoot en up style, but that is just me The Agent Runner is a Brit called Ed Malik His man is in Pakistan, in a position overlooking the house Bin Laden is hiding in The Seal Team assault on that compound, and the subsequent killing of Bin Laden, is the action that ignites the events in this book Ed s man ends up dead and Ed returns to England in disgrace The majority of the story rests in Pakistan, ...

  3. says:

    Book started out a decent 4, but ended on a 2 note so I give it a good solid 3 stars Conway writes well enough, and does a good job conveying what totally f ked up quagmires Afghanistan and Pakistan are However, his protagonist really isn t all that good at his job when you look back and think about it, he largely fails at all his assignments He s kinda like James Bond in the older movies not really that good at anything except escaping after he is repeatedly and all too easily captured.Plus, after reading a good number of spy books and binging on shows like The Americans, I find it highly implausible that an MI6 officer would spend four whole years doing nothing but running one agent It appears that they only met once every f...

  4. says:

    Tense, action packed and exciting spy drama.

  5. says:

    2.5 out of 5Filthy and gritty.Those are the two words which come to mind when thinking about this novel Conway has a way with words There s no denying that He has this if I may be so bold a distinct British ability to talk in background, to Convey in the buzz, to propel the narrative in subtext It s like watching a piece of art, in its distinct, brilliant parts Separately, these pieces are breathtaking But taken collectively, it s a mess and a great missed opportunity The novel is mostly set in Pakistan, and being an Indian, I fully appreciate the accuracy of his description of the land, the customs, the social structure and most of all, use of the words from local languages He depicts, quite accurately, the sorry state Pakistan currently is in, and how army and ISI had swindled the west for money and resources It s gritty, the sights, the smells, the people and the poverty The filth around tribal areas and even in major cities, around which even the big shots like Noman Butt often wakes up He s the most interesting character in the novel by the way At first, I groaned at him, thinking him as ju...

  6. says:

    Recommended novel of espionage The Agent Runner by Simon Conway is an espionage novel in the old style in the sense that it depends on motive and character development and not on epic violence.To put it another way, the book is about those who live lives of constant lies They are lives where lies are both a weapon and a defense Don t expect super secret agents who wield machine in both hands or who can fight their way through a horde of enemies without barely a scratch.The hero is Edward Malik the son of a Pakistani father and a British mother who has found his way into MI6 He is running a double agent in Pakistan, Tariq, whose boss is a close associate of the head of the Pakistani Amy Inteligence, ISI Chasing them is Manon, a dissolute, brutal but efficient counter espionage agent, son in law of Gen Khan, the chief of ISI The book delves deeply into their characters, giving us an appreciation of the stress under which they live Each has to take decisions influenced by their own morality or amorality They are decisions that affect the lives of everyone The Agent Runner reminds me of the spy novels of Graham Greene or, to some extent, of John LeCarre, though not as murky and verbose as the latter.It is a book where agents are asked to do dangerous things for a master who is fully aware that they are expendable when expedient The agent s most important tool is the fact that the enemy is not that much different than they, except maybe a bit corruptible Notes ...

  7. says:

    I mostly enjoyed reading this book I did however find it confusing at times.

  8. says:

    Basically Spy Who Came in From the Cold but around Pakistan Well written and interesting characterization, an easy read But not the most original.

  9. says:

    I loved this spy novel It was fast paced, believable and very modern Simon Conway knows how to write and kept me guessing the whole time It is a great read.

  10. says:

    I picked this up to learn a bit about the mysterious to me Pakistan The Brits are handling agents in Pakistan to get intel on ISI, the Taliban etc I appears that the handling is going both ways I found the situations depressing and tragically cynical.

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