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[Ebook] Gone to Hades (Persephone and Hades, #2) By Helen Atreya –

Gone to Hades (Persephone and Hades, #2) Having Gained Entry To The Underworld, The Vast Kingdom Of The Dead That Is Ruled, At Zeus Insistence, By The Powerful, Handsome, And Oh So Attractive God Hades, Persephone Struggles To Make A Place For Herself Within His Realm She Is Used To The Verdant Fields And Forests Of Her Own Springtime Dominions, The Frolics Of Her Winsome Bevy Of Highly Sexual Nymphs, As Well As The Somewhat Timeworn Opulence Of Zeus Palace On Mt Olympus, But She Knows She Must Make An Effort To Fit In Fortunately, The Hot Blooded Hades Quickly Takes A Liking To This Feisty And Sexy Olympian Interloper, And Persephone Finds Herself Falling Deeply In Love, As Well As Lust, With The God Of The Underworld She Also Discovers That He Has A Very Different Take On Lovemaking, And Is Delighted To Find That His Hand Is, Well, Hot As Hades When Applied Vigorously To Her Bare Bottom This Heat, However, Also Registers In Quite Another Part Of Her Anatomy In Quite A Different Manner, Which Is Quite All Right With All Concerned, And Much Hot Blooded Merriment Ensues Unfortunately, Life Down Under Is Not Just Fun And Games, As Persephone Soon Discovers There Are Creatures Hidden Away Down Below That Even The Gods Have Reason To Fear, And A Cosmic Accident Unchains A Horror That Should Never Again Have Seen The Light Of Day Then, Too, Her Own Mother Is Determined That The Goddess Of Spring Not Continue Her Life Of Sexually Active Seclusion Underground, Even As The Other Horrific Nemesis Tries To End Her Life Entirely Come With Us Now And Discover The Exciting Conclusion Of This Ribald Legend Of The Greek Pantheon, As The Rest Of The Tale Of Persephone And Hades Unfolds.

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    Oh my Was this hot and steamy This is a great new take on the stories of the Gods of Olympia It is quite hot, with a dominating God of the Underworld and a Mistress Nymph Two hot love stories Of course all of this while dealing with an overbearing mother who is hunting Persephone to marry her off to someone she doesn t love Then there is a prophesy of a Titan God wanting to kill Persephone Can she survive this story and will she end with the one she desires Definitely a hot a steamy love Oh my Was this hot and steamy This is a great new take on the stories of the Gods of ...

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    This is book two Hot and erotic with spanking involved New sexy as l take on the Hades and Persephone story Thrown in is another story line between Athens and a dominant nymph Great read as well as a fast one.

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