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!!> Epub ➜ SUNDRINKER ➛ Author James Corley –

SUNDRINKER Alarms Screamed As Hard Radiation Sleeted Through The Surviving Hellcats Consoles Blanked As External Aerials Burnt Off The Superheated Alloy Skins An Impossibly Long Prominence Exploded From The Sun S North Pole Then The Globe Itself Elongated As If The Star Was Straining Out After The Fleeing Ships To Engulf Them In A Nuclear Maw James Corley S SUNDRINKER Mixes Roaring Adventure With Bizzare Satire As Earth Defence Forces Fail To Save Human Space From Invasion By The Malevolent Thight In The Face Of Calamity All The Squabbles Between Earth, Its Colonies And The Eccentric Terrorists Of Spade Must Be Forgotten And Jonah Scull Finds Himself Snatched From The Court Where He Is Charged With Genocide And Is Told To Save Humanity By The Same Author Benedict S Planet

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    One from the golden age of space opera scifi when pace and adventure counted for than anything profound More than a touch of tounge in cheek about some of the concerns of the 70s and some just as topical today.

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    Stands the test of timeDoesn t take itself too seriously but keeps up a pace that doesn t let the drama flag Undemanding but well written

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