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!!> Ebook ➦ Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set ➧ Author R.L. King –

Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set Meet Dr Alastair Stone His Magic Is RealHis Enemies Are Horrific And His Exams Are A Nightmare The Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set Collects The First Four Magic And Mayhem Packed Full Length Novels Of This Bestselling Urban Fantasy Series In One Place For One Great Price You Get Stone And A Hard Place Book 1 The Forgotten Book 2 The Threshold Book 3 The Source Book 4 Over 1,800 Pages Of Magical Action

    10 thoughts on “!!> Ebook ➦ Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set ➧ Author R.L. King –

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    An amazing ride.Dr Stone will quickly become your favorite eccentric mage Great characters in an interesting world that doesn t shy away from dark consequences Looking forward to

  2. says:

    Enthralling The first four books in the Alister Stone series are all page turners The writing is extremely well done, and the dialogue is realistic, with each character having their own voice.With an original storyline, interesting characters, and a unique enemy this series is going on my keeper shelf I think there are at least two books in the series so far, and I ll be buying them next.Warning For those who are offended by sex or cursing, not the magical kind , these stories contain both The sex wasn t graphic, in my opinion The f bomb got dropped often, but most of the cursing was pretty much called for according to the situation It wa...

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    What can I say Not a fan The characters are underdeveloped, the four books have the same format and story, trite dialogue, etc Not Dresden comparison worthy at all Not compelling, not endearing, not well crafted Skip it or if you really want to read it, wait to see if it is ever on kindle unlimited.

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    GreatI thoroughly enjoyed this series of books by a truly amazing writer Please don t stop writing I ll keep reading them.

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    Couldn t get past the first bookI had a hard time getting through book 1, because it seemed like I was constantly waiting for something to happen It all ended rather abruptly, with no time to process the shocking ending I was hoping the second book would help resolve some lingering issues and questions, but it jumped right in to another story so I didn t bother continuing I rarely leave a book or series unfinished, but I just wasn t into...

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    I m sure glad I didn t pay for these books, what a let down I truly don t understand the Harry Dresden comparisons and all the 5 stars, this isn t even close to those imaginative characters nor the action packed plots.Two stars, only because the writer can compose a sentence Only worth rea...

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    An amazing fourth part to an epic adult magic themed storyThe characters are deep and developed, the scenes and situations are extremely well detailed, your imagination will easily show you what the author is describing A very compelling, very satisfying read Highly recommended

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    Good, engaging reads A different take on mages and the worldThe stories move along pretty briskly, with enough character development to keep you interested The magical world is pretty fractured, and this makes it different and worth engaging with.Stones role as profes...

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    Don t start these if you need to get up in the morning Absolutely brilliant box set Loved every story characters are like old friends, wild plots with fast paced action Great reading if you don t mind losing sleep

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    Love this series Wish I had already gotten of the books so I could continue It only took this long to read as I have been out of town for 3 weeks so don t let the long read time give you a false idea that the books are not worthy..

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