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Hot Like Fire, Cold As Ice A Man Like Him Should Come With A Five Alarm Warning Vivacious And Bubbly Melissa Missy Thornton Is A Career Driven Lobbyist On Top Of Her Game She Is Sent To Convince Eccentric Billionaire Henry Parker To Lease Out His Oil Rich Land In Alaska Before She Could Meet Him, She Gets Into A Car Accident And Stranded In A Snowstorm She Would Ve Frozen To Death If A Handsome Stranger Hadn T Helped Her Henry Hal Parker Likes Solitude As A Polar Bear Shifter, He Prefers To Live In The Wilderness Rather Than The Glamourous Life He Left Behind After His Fianc E Died When He Helps A Trapped Missy From Her Car, He Wonders If It S A Sign For Him To Finally Move On He Can T Get His Eyes Off Her And Their Attraction Is Instantaneous It Doesn T Take Long Before Missy Falls Hard For Him Does It Matter When Hal Forgets To Mention He S A Werebear Uhm, Maybe Regardless, Fur Or No Fur, A Guy Like Him Is Perfect To Curl Up With In Front Of Fireplace Waiting For The Ice To Melt

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    3.5 5Nice and lovely.Since this was my first read by this author, I really didn t know what to expect But after reading the first few pages, I was hooked Despite the slow pace in the middle of the story, I had so much fun reading it.Henry Hal Parker is a sexy, solitary polar bear shifter He refused the offers from the oil company and told them that he would never lease out his land in Alaska As a former businessman, he knew very well that a number of people would benefit from this oil investment, but as one of the bear guardians, he and his clan had a duty to protect those who couldn t speak for themselves.Melissa Missy Thornton is a smart and successful lobbyist She was sent to convince Henry Parker to lease out his oil rich land On the way to Walapusk, her car skidded off the icy road It became apparent that she stuck in the middle of godforsaken nowhere alone After hours of sitting in the driver s seat, someone finally spotted her car This attractive man introduced himself as Hal He helped her out of the car and then took her to his place which wasn t far from there.They both didn t know each other s real name but it didn t matter because they were busy having marathon sex all night But when the morning came, Hal finally found out Missy s business in Walapusk, ...

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    5 stars for the all the authentic research about the Inuit way of life up in the frozen North,3.5 stars for the romance

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    Hot Like Fire, Cold As Ice Lizzie Lynn LeeReviewed by SFF DragonA car stranded in the snow brought them together, but love sealed the deal in this short, sweet paranormal romance I love Lizzie Lynn Lee books, have been reading them for a few years and I was given a copy of Hot Like Fire, Cold As Ice by the author in exchange for an honest review Like a lot of her books, this one is short, hot and sweet It can be read in a couple of hours and like all the books I ve read by her, it s overflowing with steamy encounters and erotica, but please don t be mislead, they are never just about the steam and there is always a whole lot of substance to go with it In this case, it s the very real plight of Alaska s wildlife and the sacred grounds of the native tribes versus the power and money of the petrochemical industry, but true mate love wins the day I absolutely loved it.Oil company lobbyist Melissa Missy Thornton has worked hard to get where she is in the business, but she s a desert girl and she really doesn t want to be in the freezing wastes of Alaska, going to a town in the middle of nowhere to try to persuade a reclusive billionaire who s already said no, repeatedly, to lease his land to her employer so they can drill for oil Even worse, she s never driven in such treacherous conditions and is scared witless when she thinks there s polar bear looking in through the window of her crashed car When he turns out to be a man coming to he...

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    Review Hot Like Fire, Cold As Ice BBW Polar Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance by Lizzie Lynn Lee Publication Date January 15, 2016Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas Donna Rated 3.5 Stars

    This was a fun little novella full of hot steamy romance It would have benefited from background on Hal and Missy plus a longer story to make their connection a little believable though Double it with another 80 pages would have fleshed it out nicely I liked the humor Ms Lee injected into the story as well as the backstory All in all a nice quick story for when reading time is scarce.

    Note This EBOOK has 84 pages.

    Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I ve read a lot of books by this author and enjoyed them Unfortunately this book fell short I think it ended abruptly and the romance was a little off The story just ended in the middle without a conclusion.

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    Disappointment Just, really, didn t work at all for me.I read plenty of shifter stories, and plenty of stories that have what is pretty much mate bond insta love Sometimes it works, sometimes it can be overlooked, and sometimes it just fails This was one of those times it fails Missy is a lobbyist working for Texaoil and she has been tasked with going to Alaska to negotiate the use of land up there for the company from a reclusive billionaire However, as a city girl, she is not so great at driving in the snow and finds herself off the road, stuck, and without any cell service Lucky for her, a local man Hal helps her out and brings her home out of the cold Then they have sex Woohoo Except it was some pretty poorly written scenes and some very rushed sex literally spells out how he didn t want foreplay and just pushes into her Nice that I found the chemistry for rather unconvincing Then, after this night of lots of sex, Hal decides he is in love and wants her to quit her ...

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    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review A cute sweet read Halor should I say Henry is sorta a recluse and prefers to live in the wilderness However, he protects something thats been in his family for generations He s recently taken over and is a billionaire to boot Melissa or Missy she likes to be called is there to convince him to let her company build an oil rig which would benefit everyone However, before she gets there she gets into a bit of trouble and gets stranded and rescued by Hal She s not liking the cold a whole lot and lives in Texas and grew up in Arizona She meets Hal and sparks fly Neither one knowing who the other is I must admit that they got together pretty quickly She doesn t know shifters existso that should be interesting right Man I tell you the sex scenes were HOT.I was breathin heavy y all She s got some decisions t...

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    Missy is a lobbyist for an energy company Her company wants oil right to some land in Alaska and sends he to talk to the owners On the way there she has a car accident She is saved by Hal who brings her back to his cabin Due to a big storm the two are stuck together in his cabin fighting a strong attraction Missy doesn t know that Hal is the man she has come to see Hal is a great hero but I felt that maybe he deserved better than Missy Of course I don t like lo...

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    This is a very nice little story Hal Henry is a reclusive millionaire who owns a huge amount of land in Alaska Melissa works for an oil company who wants to lease the land, so the adventure begins Melissa goes to Alaska to meet Hal, The dialog between characters was well written...

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    A short steamy romance and with a moral message The story had a good theme but I felt that in the hands of a good editor it could have been polished up a bit I appreciate that the author tried to bring attention to preserving one s heritage and not selling out for what one thin...

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