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Free ↠ Cobalt Slave By Jon Walker –

Cobalt Slave As A Farmboy On The Frontier Of New Eden, The Rule Of The Public Health Department Is All Mark Has Ever Known The Department Has Kept Humans On This Colonized Planet Alive For A Century By Mining Cobalt And Controlling The Essential Vitamin B 12 But Mark Learns That As Easily As The Department Distributes Live Saving Vitamins, It Can Take It All Away Suddenly, Mark Finds Himself In The Middle Of An Epic Power Struggle To Win Control Of The Cobalt And Free The People Of New Eden.

    10 thoughts on “Free ↠ Cobalt Slave By Jon Walker –

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    Great concept using access to an essential vitamin to control a whole colony and perhaps the last remaining people in the universe I appreciated the diversity of compelling characters and a couple key, suspenseful scenes The ending came as quite a surprise to me, so I enjoyed that.

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    Love this book Thank you Jon Walker for a very insightful storyline with a fantastic scientific approach Love this book and highly recommended

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