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Les MotsAutobiografin Je Apysakoje Od Iai Vienas Garsiausi Pra Jusio Am Iaus Filosof Ir Ra Ytoj J.P.Sartre As Skaitytojams Pateik Pirmojo Savo Gyvenimo De Imtme Io Paveiksl Av , Jaudinant , Tikinam Ir Iek Tiek Li Dn.Ra Ytojo Vaikyst Knygoje I Kyla Tarsi Ilgas Meil S Od Iams Ir Knygoms Romanas Auginamas Vyro Netekusios Motinos Ir Be Galo Mylin I Seneli Jis Laik Leid Ia Nam Bibliotekoje Tarp Daugyb S Magi K Pasauli , Pasisl Pusi Po Vir Eliais I Prad I Ma Asis Jeanas Paulis Od I Tik Klauso, V Liau I Moksta Atgaivinti Juos Savo L Pomis, Galiausiai I J Ima Kurti Savo Vaiki Kus Pasaulius I 59 Met J.P.Sartre O Para Yta Vaikyst S Autobiografija Tituluojama Savianaliz S Edevru Ir Pagr Stai Lyginama Su Jeano Jacques O Rousseau Autobiografiniu Romanu I Pa Intis Anas Polis Sartras Jean Paul Sartre Gim 1905 Met Bir Elio 21 Dien , Pary Iuje B Damas Vieneri Jis Neteko T Vo Ir Su Motina Persik L Gyventi Pas Senel Senelis Buvo Grie Tas Ir Vert An K Laikytis Disciplinos P Sartras Anksti Susidom Jo Knygomis, M Go Skaityti Ir Ra Yti, Ta Iau Senelis Nepritar Tokiems U Si Mimams, Nes, Jo Nuomone, Literat Ra Neu Pildo Tu Io Skrand Io 1911 M P Sartras Su Motina Persik L Atgal Pary I Ir Prad Jo Lankyti Mokykl V Liau, Studijuodamas, Susipa Ino Su Simone De Beauvoir, Viena I Garsiausi XX A Ra Ytoj Feminis I Vis Gyvenim Jiedu Praleido Drauge Baig S Studijas P Sartras Prad Jo D Styti Filosofij Lic Juje Ia Jis Prad Jo Ra Yti, Dom Tis Politika B Damas 33 Met I Leido Pirm J Roman Leik Tulys La Naus E, 1938 , Kuriame I K L Mintis, V Liau I Pl Totas Did Iausiame Jo Filosofijos Veikale B Tis Ir Neb Tis L Etre Et Le Neant, 1943 Antrojo Pasaulinio Karo Metais P Sartras Tarnavo Pranc Zijos Kariuomen Je Ir Buvo Vokie I Paimtas Nelaisv Kal Jime Jis Skait Heideger , Para Ir Pastat Pjes 1941 M D L Silpnos Sveikatos Buvo Paleistas Laisv Gr S Jis Dar Kur Laik Mokytojavo, Ta Iau Paskui Sidarbino Redaktoriumi Urnale Les Temps Karo Met Patirtis Paskatino Ra Ytoj Sitraukti Politik Jis Steig Radikali Kairi J Partij , O Filosofijos Veikaluose Prakalbo Apie Komunizm K Ryboje P Sartras M Linkti Prie Dramaturgijos Karui Baigiantis, Pranc Zijoje Buvo Pastatyta Viena I Garsiausi Jo Pjesi U Skl Stos Durys Huis Clos, 1944 Ia Pasakojama Apie Tris Persona Us, Pakliuvusius Kambar Kaip Sp Stus, O Galiausiai Suprantan Ius, Kad Jie Atsid R Pragare Geriausiose Savo Pjes Se P Sartras Jaudinant Ir Dramati K Veiksm Derina Su Filosofiniais Svarstymais Apie Dorov Ir Politik Vis Gyvenim Ra Ytojas Liko I Tikimas Politinei Veiklai, Protestavo Prie Vietnamo Kar Ir Pranc Z Vald I Al Yre Ta Iau I Veikl Trukd Silpna Ra Ytojo Sveikata 1971 M Jis Patyr Vien Irdies Sm G , Po Dvej Met Antr Ta Iau Net Sveikata Nesustabd Jo Politin S Veiklos Ir Kovos U Al Yro Nepriklausomyb 1980 M Kovo 20 D P Sartras Buvo Paguldytas Ligonin , Baland Io 13 D J I Tiko Koma Ir Dar Po Dviej Dien Ra Ytojas Mir Palaidotas Monparnaso Kapin Se.

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    Sartre was at the outset of his career, as well as at its end a man without hope Like so many socially minded intellectuals of a practical cast in mid century, Jean Paul Sartre leaned seriously toward socialism, Marxism and even, briefly, communism But practical people refuse not to act And Sartre had few illusions, which made practical action for a better world imperative And the inevitable disillusionment followedThat is why Les Mots, The Words, seems so sad to us now Disillusioned and prematurely aged by the beginnings of a long series of strokes, Sartre could no longer confidently act decisively And without hope in his own and mankind s future, life was brutal.Sartre always had seen the end of his life as an impassable obstacle to self fulfillment, the dark side of the dichotomy Being Nothingness.For as proof of the perceived utter futility of the human predicament, the climax of his philosophical magnum opus, l tre et le N ant states baldly, Man is a hopeless passion But at about the same time as that work, across the Channel, as Sartre s discouraging words rallied France to alternative political action, T S Eliot was urging in wartime London Descend lower, descend onlyInto the world of perpetual solitude,World not world, but that which is not world,Internal darkness.Had Sartre read, and heeded Eliot s wo...

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    Les Mots The Words, Jean Paul SartreThe Words is Jean Paul Sartre s 1963 autobiography The text is divided into two near equal parts entitled Reading and Writing Jean Paul Sartre s famous autobiography of his first ten years has been widely compared to Rousseau s Confessions Written when he was fifty nine years old, The Words is a masterpiece of self analysis Sartre the philosopher, novelist and playwright brings to his own childhood the same rigor of honesty and insight he applied so brilliantly to other authors Born into a gentle, book loving family and raised by a widowed mother and doting grandparents, he had a childhood which might be described as one long love affair with the printed word Ultimately, this book explores and evaluates the whole use of books and language in human exper...

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    What did Jean Paul Sartre 1905 1980 and Ernesto Che Guevara 1928 1967 have in common Prior to reading this book, I did not know that they saw each other when they were both still alive This is my first book read written by Sartre and three years ago, I read John Lee Anderson s Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life Before Sartre s image in my unsophisticated read zero knowledge in philosophy mind was this old professor talking inside his wood paneled and fully carpeted office about the things like existentialism that was so deep I would never ever understand what he was saying On the other hand, prior to the Anderson s book, I used to see the image of Che Guevara printed on the t shirts of some hip teenagers I had some clues who he was because of the communist posters my handsome brother brought home when he was still in studying in a radical university But not all young Filipinos one caller in a morning show thought that Guevara was some kind of a band soloist so he asked what latest rock song he recorded Thanks to printed words Thanks to bo...

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    Faith, even when profound, is never entire.There is considerable audacity in a project of this nature The famed philosopher playwright novelist creates a memoir fifty plus years into the past, a poking about in a small child s mind I hazard to say there s a some fancy in these pages Much as Sartre notes throughout most of his childhood he was acting, I assume the great thinker feels compelled to craft something of stature to merit his adult achievement I will be honest I don t remember much of my early life One or two images of leaving Michigan ages 3 4 There are a few flutters after that My adoptive mother telling everyone I was reading at age two Was I I have always had books and much like Sartre I feel indebted Also, just like the author I had flowing curly locks, a surprise I guess after being bald for 14 months The stories bifurcate there as Sartre benefited from his grandfather s library and I read comics and books from the local public library Both of us constructed constant narratives where we were the heroes He was encouraged to write I was given a typewriter and I filled notebooks in junior high when I should have been learning geometry The second section Writing isn t as magical as the first Reading He broaches his ...

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    Demolidor Tornei me traidor e continuei a s lo em v o que me entrego inteiro ao que empreendo, em v o que me entrego sem reservas ao trabalho, c lera, amizade eu sei que me renegarei num instante,eu quero j me traio em plena paix o,pelo pressentimento jubiloso da minha trai o futura.

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    Ohne Vater aufgewachsen sucht der kleine Sartre von Kindesbeinen an nach der Berechtigung seiner Existenz Er entz ckt die Erwachsenenwelt, indem er schon als Kleinstknirps die Kunst des Lesens erst simuliert, dann tats chlich im Eigenstudium erwirbt Er spielt Theater im umfassenden Sinn des Wortes , sucht in B chern und im Kino, einer ganz neu aufgekommene Unterhaltungsform, nach Vorbildern Trotz aller Rollen, die er mit Inbrunst annimmt, scheint es doch, als w rde die Welt nicht begreifen, dass nur noch einer fehlt Sartre Als er sich schlie lich in der Rolle des Schriftstellers versucht, sind die Weichen gestelltSehr interessant fand ich, dass Sartres Gro eltern noch ganz der b rgerlichen Gesellschaft Frankreichs angeh ren, wie sie uns bei Victor Hugo begegnet Die fr hen Erinnerungen k nnten noch die eines Proust sein, trotz der drei Jahrzehnte Unterschied Daran mag man erkennen, dass der gesellschaftliche Wandel immer schneller vonstatten geht Schon bald ...

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    This book is an awesome display of the deeply literary and religious religious in the sense of considering all the world and one s self to be profoundly significant and purposive in every part nature of Sartre It explains so much about him The title, The Words, refers to the way he attached a supremely high value in the first half of his life to reading, writing, and being read This is an autobiographical account of his first ten years of life which were so formative for his adult life I cannot emphasize enough how very much of Sartre s philosophy is explained here I was actually shocked to discover in his first decade alone so many unveilings to the meaning AND motive for his later work Sartre was once tempted to think it funny that people wondered if he even had a childhood When I was thirty, friends were surprised One would think you didn t have parents Or a childhood And I was silly enough to feel flattered This was due to Sartre s early adult abandonment of his past which he believed could only be interpreted from...

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