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The Other Side Decision Time Left Or Right Mr X, Or Mr Z Imagine Being Able To Find Out What Would Happen If You Chose The Other PathWould You Make The Same Decision And, If You Could, Would You Go Back And Change All The Mistakes You Ve Ever Made In The Name Of Love The Other Side Tells Of Four Lives, All So Different Glamorous Katya Is Certain She Can Have It All , But Forgets That Some People Have Long MemoriesCathy Is Trapped In A Tedious Marriage With The In Laws From Hell But Why Did The Rock Chick Marry Mr Pipe And Slippers Alexa Fears That A Friend Is Trying To Steal Away Her Perfect Life Everyone Dismisses Her Fears As Paranoiawhile Sandie Struggles With A Drink Problem, A Life Spiralling Downwards Which Came First, The Drink Or The Problems Four Very Different Stories But They Are All Connected The Other Side Travels Backwards Through Time To Unravel The Decisions Of The Past And Their Influence On The Present Lives Of Everyone Concerned For Better Or For Worse.

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    Well.To say that this book was a surprise to me is a massive understatement In all honesty I almost never read this genre of book and rarely read female authors, Anne Rice and Herper Lee aside. a shite state of affairs I know In this case though, I pulled on my big boy pants and indulged my feminine side a wee bit for two reasons Firstly, I have the odd tweet and FB chat with Terry and she s braw Secondly, I liked the Sliding Doors alternate reality mess about with time feel the blurb conveyed I m a sucker for stories with what ifs and weird running order.With The Other Side I got way than I had expected Well fleshed out characters who properly developed in reverse as their stories were revealed and inter woven at the skill full hands of Terry How she kept this story straight in her head whilst producing it is testament to her creativity, her pati...

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    A must read, esp if you like Terry s other books I have just this second finished this book Normally on my reviews I dont like to go too much into the story because I don t like to give the story away So here s a whole new review from me but one I feel is needed.This story is in parts, A tale of initially 4 different people.Part 1 was me into it enough I wanted to carry on reading..Part 2 threw me a little, because it goes back in time, But by the time to come to the end of part 2 things do begin to click into place Then you come to Part 3, which went back further, but by part 3 I didn t allow it to confuse me, because this is the style the book is written I decided to go with the flow I wont give the story away here by saying what parts 3, 4 5 are about because I hate it when someone gives the storyline away i...

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    I was unsure about this book before I started reading thought it might be a bit chick lit ish but I m glad I tried it, as I enjoyed it greatly The story starts with four different characters Katya, Cathy, Alexa and Sandy each having a chapter which sets out where they are in their life now and the choices and repercussions that have led them to this point The following chapters then go backwards through the timeline of their lives to life changing decisions This is a story of what if what if you d treated this person differently, what if you d gone left instead of right etc and works really well All the characters were believable so much so that I really felt like banging their heads together at times and all their seperate stories are different enough that you don t forget who is who A...

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    I really enjoyed this book, because it s 4 individual stories about women with very different experiences, and I could identify with a lot of them As it followed their stories back in time, it made me want to ...

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    I ve read Terry Tyler s other 2 books and was looking forward to the new one I m sure we ve all thought at some point in our lives, what would have happened if things had turned out differently I would recommend trying to digest this book in a couple of sittings, rather than dipping into for 5 mins per day, as it is quite complex and you would risk getting lost otherwise Not that devouring it in one or a few sittings should be any problem As soon as I was able to do that, I was hooked and remembered who all the characters were and when and where The book delves into the past quite a bit, so you need to engage your brain to follow The characters are superbly written I loathed Katja with a vengeance and couldn t find a single redeeming feature I alternately felt sorry and then wanted to give a stern talking to Cathy I empathised with Alexa and wished Sandie had had someone close to help her The Other Side addresses the issues of alcoholism, vanity, selfishness,drudgery,...

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    This was a very cleverly written story and an absolutely fantastic read I like stories that keep me guessing this one had my mind in knots and the ending was a totally unexpected twist A really extraordinary piece of writing, which had me downloading of Terry s books onto my Kindle.

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    Sliding Doors has always been my favorite film not for the acting but for the message it leaves you This tops it Come on Hollywood get this one to the screenwriters An amazing book if there ever was

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    Just finished reading The Other Side by Terry Tyler this book kept me hanging on til the very end I hadn t read any reviews beforehand, only read the book because I had read another by the same auther enjoyed it very much, so I had no idea what the story was about Right from the begining I began to piece together parts of the story in my head, I had worked out that there was a link between the various characters, that they were all around the same age had grown up in the same area but I hadn t quite worked out what the link was until it was explained near the end of the book It was one of those books where I kept having to go back a few chapters to double check something, I gues some readers might have a better memory than me remember all those tiny little hidden details that link the whole story together at the end Very, very clever Would definitely recommened it Although maybe it should come with a warning if you aren t entirely happy with either your re...

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    This is a book that really needs to be read in a small a number of goes as possible That s not because its complex, but it helps with the understanding of the characters Working backwards over a number of years, it only gradually emerges how the story runs And when you do realise what s going on, it takes to the end to realise you...

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    FREAKING GREAT BOOK Saw the 20 FIVE STAR Reviews on US UK, and what the book was about, and I was sold This is an extremely clever written book Completely unpredictable, you cannot put it down as you want to see how it ends I read it in one sitting, it was that great You think it is going one way, then BAM you cannot believe what happens Very original bo...

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