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[PDF] My Journal of the Council By Yves Congar –

My Journal of the Council At The Beginning Of The Meeting Cardinal Ottaviani Said That, To Speed The Work Up, The Experts Will Speak Only If They Are Asked A Question At My Side, Rahner Was Champing At The Bit, And Said To Me What Are We Doing Here Wednesday 3 June 1964 Yves Congar, OP, Was One Of The Most Important And Influential Theologians Of The Twentieth Century Much Of This Influence Came As A Result Of His Role As Theological Advisor To The Bishops Who Participated At The Second Vatican Council 1962 1965 After Working Under A Cloud Of Ecclesiastical Censure And Suspicion In The Decade Prior To Its Start, Congar Was, From Beginning To End, An Influential Day To Day Participant In The Council S Work He Also Managed To Keep Detailed Personal Notes Throughout The Time At Long Last, The Council Diaries Of Yves Congar Are Available In English This Material Is A Treasure Trove Of Information And Insight For Anyone Interested In The History Of That Council And Its Remarkable And Historic Teaching It Provides A Window Into The Council S Workings And The Development Of What Would Become A Series Of Historic Documents And Declarations It Also Offers Congar S Own Down To Earth And Personal Perspective On Many Of The Other Remarkable Figures Who Played A Role In The Council.

[PDF] My Journal of the Council  By Yves Congar –
  • Hardcover
  • 1104 pages
  • My Journal of the Council
  • Yves Congar
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9780814680292

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    A wonderful introduction to the theology of Congar I can t recommend this book highly enough to those trying to gain insight to the Council.

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    This book was hard work, but it was absolutely worth it The ups and downs of Vatican II, written in real time The dirty secrets on all the politics happening behind the scenes Hilariously blunt comments from Congar During a particularly long and boring speech, he turned to a colleague and asked is he selling socks or braces He calls a number of people imbeciles Congar has insightful observations on two future popes, Ratzinger and Wojtyla He also makes numerous observations about the radical methodology of Hans Kung.But among the drama also emerges the remarkable humility and patience of Congar He was in poor health for most of these years, and often writes of being spiritually and physically tired Yet he continued working He had fierce opponents, but he faced all of it with patience, in the hope that given time, an op...

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    My Journal of the Council by Yves Congar read January February 2013 It was hard work getting through this but so worth it, reading the contemporaneous diaries of a theological expert at the Second Vatican Council Heart breaking though that the intent of Vatican II was thwarted at every turn and that even the compromise positions that were finally accepted have never been fully implemented and even the implementations that have made it are and have been wound back.I was delighted to discover that the editor is an excellent lecturer I had when I studied theology many years ago.I read this in hardback and Kindle, depending on where I was, ie t...

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    As I ve noted elsewhere at length, readers coming to this book will be astonished by the details, awed by this man s bluntness so much so that publication was embargoed until the year 2000 , convulsed with laughter at some of his acerbic but accu...

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