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!!> Epub ➥ Toeverlaat (A Vow To Cherish #1) ➤ Author Deborah Raney –

Toeverlaat (A Vow To Cherish #1) Hoewel Het Even Wennen Is In Het Stille Huis, Genieten John En Ellen Volop Van Hun Nieuwe Leven Nu De Kinderen De Deur Uit Zijn, Hebben Ze Alle Aandacht Voor Elkaar En Kunnen Ze Eindelijk De Verre Reis Maken Waarvan Ze Al Zo Lang Dromen Maar Nog Voor Ze Hun Eerste Vakantie Geboekt Hebben, Verandert Hun Bestaan In Een Nachtmerrie Het Is Een Dag Als Alle Andere Ellen Staat Op, Neemt Een Douche En Kleedt Zich Aan Voor Haar Werk Als Lerares Vanuit Het Bed Ziet John Het Vol Verbazing Aan En Houdt Haar Tegen, Want Het Is Nog Maar N Uur S Nachts Het Stel Lacht Erom En Wuift De Gebeurtenis Weg Als Een Incident Maar Een Paar Weken Later Herkent Ellen Haar Eigen Auto Niet Meer, Legt Post In De Koelkast En Verdwaalt In De School Waar Ze Al Twintig Jaar Werkt Ellen, Nog Geen Vijftig, Heeft De Ziekte Van Alzheimer En Het Gaat Van Kwaad Tot Erger In Een Hartverscheurend Tempo.

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    I honestly did not see what everyone else saw with this book I understand I have no experience with Alzheimer s, and t so a cruel disease I realised Ellen changed and John was in pain None of this on my book justified John s cheating He may not have had sex with Julia, but he had an emotional affair none he less I read pages of how much he and Ellen loved each other, only to witness him fall in love with someone else when she was sick I did not buy his love for his wife, it was not lasting He only reason he doesn t not ohsircally cheat with Juli, is that when he embraces her she runs, otherwise I do not doubt they would of been sleeping together If John loved Ellen so much, he could not have fallen in love with Julia I think the reader is meant to be moved by the scene where Brant gets married and John renews his vows to Ellen Sure, he breaks things off with Julia, but not from love, but from duty, how romantic I found Julia and John selfish, and was not loved by their happy ending I am sick of reading about spouses who cannot stick by their partners in sickness, they are in the vowis for the reason If someo...

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    On a scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts, A Vow to Cherish by Deborah Raney is Rose Water Shortbread Cookies These dense cookies hold their shape and yet have the ability to crumble at a touch And mingled with the familiar flavor of butter and sugar twines the timeless rose.Ellen and Jake Brighton have it all a happy marriage, children to be proud of, and the approaching golden years of an empty nest When Ellen begins to place sticks of butter in Jake s underwear drawer, they try to laugh it off But, they both know something is not right As Alzheimer s draws Ellen away from Jake, will he hold to his marriage vows A friend recommended this book to me as one of her favorites of Deborah Raney s Although the writing style third person of this book is not my favorite and a surprise character entered mid book shoving me right out ...

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    I balled through the first half of the book as I am living a similar story with my mom who has Alzeheimers I didn t think the book was particularly well crafted, but I really appreciated that the right moral choice was made and that we see the benefit of that choice.

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    This book is about a woman who at the age of 47 becomes diagnosed with Alzheimer s Disease The story is told by the husband I cried in the middle of the book and when I read the very ending it left me in tears Finally a book I could not put down and what an amazing love story.

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    Keeping the vowA Vow to Cherish by Deborah Raney took me longer to read than it should have Such emotional upheavals kept me all weepy eyed and I had to plan my reading for when I didnt have to go out and face people with my eyes all red rimmed The tale is of the ultimate love story between Ellen and John, and their terrible journey into ...

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    What an incredible story of love Alzheimer s is a terrible disease and how it was treated in this book was heart wrenching and beautiful As a caregiver of a loved with with Alzheimer s the story rang true The tenderness and heartache was well portrayed, as well as the hollowness that I m ...

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    Amazing, heart wrenching, heart warming This is a beautiful story of cherishing one another and sticking to promises made, even through the terrible times.

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    I really enjoyed this bookDeborah Raney is a fantastic author For me, this story gave me much understanding of my dad Even though it was about a marriage strained by Alzheimer s, I truly related to John He watched his wife s condition deteriorate before his eyes, and even though it s a terrible thing, he found himself getting frustrated Sadly, this is how I feel with my dad His condition isn t as bad as Ellen s, but I find myself getting so annoyed by his confusion and inability to do simple things he once was so great at This book really allowed me to realize that Alzheimer s is a terrible disease and it s not an easy thing to endure When John renewed his vow to his wife at the end, I also made a vow to my father to be understanding and patient with him I rarely see him because he s 300 miles away, but I could still be there for him I could call him And when I do see him, I co...

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    Wat een prachtig mooi emotioneel boek is dit zeg Ik heb m in een kleine drie dagen uitgelezen dus dat zegt wel wat De ziekte van Alzheimer word erg goed beschreven vind ik en je leeft helemaal mee met John wiens vrouw op nog geen 50 jarige leeftijd de diagnose Alzheimer krijgt Dit is een prachtige christelijke roman maar de christelijke stukjes in het boe...

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    This book would be good for someone who has had a family member with Alzheimer s The description of the disease and the strain it puts on a family were very accurate The story line was somewhat dull for me New characters were introduced in weird spots, and the transitions did not ...

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