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!!> PDF ✯ Come and Go: A Ghostly Comedy ⚣ Author Manning Coles –

Come and Go: A Ghostly ComedyYoung Richard Scroby Didn T Intend To Make A Fuss When The Burglar Broke Into His Apartment After All, That S Why He Kept A Very Competent Manservant About But Wilkins Was Out Of Town And Richard Was A Little The Worse For Drink So When He Spotted The Crook At His Window, He Picked Up A Perfectly Awful Vase A Gift From His Very Formidable Aunt Angela And Sent This Second Story Man Crashing To The Pavement After Which He Promptly Went To Bed He Was Than A Bit Perturbed When The Police Came Calling Quite Early That Morning To Ask About The Man In The Street To Aunt Angela This Escapade Was The Last Straw And She Announced That It Was Time She Found Richard A Wife, At Which Point Richard Flees To Paris With His Aunt In Pursuit And Meets Up With The Confederates Of The Incarcerated Burglar Which Is Why Two Gentlemanly Spirits, James And Charles Latimer, Who Were Killed Some Eighty Years Earlier, Are Back Again Among The Quick Whenever A Relative Is In Danger These Two Are Allowed To Return To The World Of The Living Coming Along For The Ride Is Their Pet Monkey Ulysses, Whose Love Of Claret Spells Trouble For A Troupe Of Scantily Clad Trapeze Artists First Published In 1958, This Is The Third And Final Book Featuring The Ghostly Latimers, By The Creators Of The Tommy Hambledon Spy Novels.

!!> PDF ✯ Come and Go: A Ghostly Comedy ⚣ Author Manning Coles –
  • Paperback
  • Come and Go: A Ghostly Comedy
  • Manning Coles
  • English
  • 06 February 2018
  • 9780915230341

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF ✯ Come and Go: A Ghostly Comedy ⚣ Author Manning Coles –

  1. says:

    I hadn t read this book since high school years ago but needed something light and diverting after a lot of heavy depressing reading and world events My mom was a big Manning Coles fan and had many of his books, which I ve now inherited and am re reading This book is charming and breezy and lighter tha...

  2. says:

    Shades of George and Marian Kirby and their St Bernard haunting or helping Topper This was written about 5 years after the TV show Topper and in it two ghosts, James and Charles Latimer and their Capucin monkey come from the other world to help their cousin Scroby who is about to have troubles What is it about the 1950 s and their affection for ghosts This book is totally silly and is really a waste of time, but I found that I had to breeze through to the end It ends up ridiculously happy with all lose ends tied up Possibly a good read for taking to the beach.or maybe not.I was looking for a series of mysteries featuring a French detective who drove a Citroen Traction Avant, written in the 1940 s or 50 s, but this wasn t it I read them when I was working in the public libra...

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    Perhaps my favorite of this series of stories about the Latimer ghosts It is only loosely connected to the other 2 Brief Candles and Happy Returns as the currently mortal kinfolk with whom the Latimer ghosts are interacting are different instead of Jeremy and Sally Latimer, they areRichard Scroby and his very Wodehousian aunt Scroby knocks a cat burglar out his window and flees to Paris, pursued by his au...

  4. says:

    Third and last of Manning Coles Latimer family ghost stories, and every bit as funny as the first two Always nice when an author or authors Coles was a partnership, not a natural person knows to quit while ahead

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