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[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ Night of the White Deer Author Jack Bushnell –

Night of the White Deer The Boy Had Heard The Old Stories About A Mysterious White Deer That Appeared Among The Fields Of Corn Some Said She Had Been Formed From A Star That Fell To The Earth Others Said She Had Risen Up From Some Tanks Of Spilt Milk But To The Young Boy, It Seemed That S All She Was, The Stuff Of Stories Until One Night When She Appears On His Farm, Standing In The Field, Her Coat A Sparkling White During This Magical Nighttime Encounter, The Deer Leads The Boy Into The Skies On A Flight Through The Lights Of The Aurora, Among The Countless Other Creatures Living In Its Glistening Colors But The Boy Will Discover The Next Day, When He Tells His Family About His Experience This Modern Folk Tale Inspires Young Readers To See The Magic That Comes From The Twinkles Of The Nighttime Sky.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ Night of the White Deer  Author Jack Bushnell –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Night of the White Deer
  • Jack Bushnell
  • English
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9781933718804

    10 thoughts on “[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ Night of the White Deer Author Jack Bushnell –

  1. says:

    Children s books are an art form, in this writer reviewer s mind When it comes to adult titles, suspense, romance, mystery, adventure these categories shine But with a children s book, you are talking about telling a stunning, unforgettable story in a very small amount of space with illustrations that take the breath away And this is one children s book that does that beautifully and absolutely shines The white deer is a beautiful, mysterious creature that is only seen once in a while by the people who have so much imagination, heart and hope that they see him as he walks through the cornfields they are the ones who wish to see the most amazing things possible and become a part of them Now there are many stories about the white deer Some say it was a star that fell from the sky and turned into the first thing it saw on earth Others say the white deer is so powerful it chased tornadoes away But when the boy brings up the subject of this creature, his brother laughs at him and basically tells him he s nuts, while his father simply looks at him a bit oddly and either asks for information, or tells him to go and play.But one night the white deer comes to the boy, stands outside his window and takes him on the most beautiful adventure of his whole life With the creature, the boy can fly he can run with mighty red gazelles and watch black elks as they play, bashing their antlers together so that brig...

  2. says:

    Rating 1 2 Originally Reviewed on Bewitching BibliophileThis is a beautifully illustrated book The images are engaging and draw the reader in, I read it to my goddaughter from my ipad and she was enchanted by the images truth be told so was I However at the end of the story I was wondering what was the point, and so was she, she asked where was the rest and I had to explain that was the end.Although the images captured her attention, there was no real meat to the story so she really wasn t as fascinated as with other stories I really picked this book because I wanted to have a good story for a pagan child and this sounded like it was going to be that kind of story While it shared a wonderful magical aspect of the mundane world Like the Northern Lights it didn t teach anything, didn t share any twist on how things were created, didn t share who came up with the tale about the white deer,...

  3. says:

    have some pretty mixed feelings about this particular book First, the illustrations and the publication of this book are absolutely lovely This is another title I received a physical copy of and I absolutely love the look and feel of it I will say that the story if also very well written and there is a lot to enjoy about it There is a magical deer that that fly through the woods and a young boy gets to experience the deer in all of it s wonder but as soon as he goes home and tell his family they laugh at him All except his dad who tells the boy about his experience I will say that I liked the folk tale elements of the story and I, as an adult reader easily understood and followed the plot However, I think this might be a little difficult for children It is suggested for 4 8 and...

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    A young boy growing up on a farm spots a legendary white deer one night and follows her through the cornfields into the sky where they frolic among thousands of other albino deer The next morning when he tells his family that all the stories he has heard about the special creature are true, his brother laughs at him in disbelief, but as it turns out, his father had the very same experience many years ago The illustrations almost glow in certain places, and some pages...

  5. says:

    I received this book from netgalley I read this book to my grandson and he liked it It was about a little boy having something in common with his dad It was well written and nicely illustrated.

  6. says:

    The story about an white deer turns out to be true and father and son found a common ground But the illustrations were not that good, and sometimes it gave off an stiff feeling They story itself was ok but it wasn t quite as magical as what I expected since the cover was done brilliant.

  7. says:

    My grandson just wasn t interested in this one The content is well written Illustrations are beautiful, but at 5 yrs he was just too young to understand it Its best for age 9 and up It s a wonderful story about a son and father who share a similar bond

  8. says:

    A lovely story of a mythical white deer who comes to a child at night and takes him on an adventure in the skies with the Northern Lights I loved the magic of the story, and the mystery as to whether it was real, or if he was just dreaming The illustrations were not the best, however.

  9. says:

    This had a cheesy abrupt ending I know the point was that the dad would reconnect with the boy but, eh The glittery white deer on the front page is the coolest part.

  10. says:

    illustration is beautiful

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