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[PDF / Epub] ✩ The End (Zombie Fallout, #3) ☉ Mark Tufo –

The End (Zombie Fallout, #3) As The World Spirals Even Further Down Into The Abyss Of Apocalypse, One Man Struggles To Keep Those Around Him Safe.Michael Stands Side By Side With His Wife, Their Children, His Friends And The Wonder Bulldog Along With The Wal Mart Greeter Tommy, Who Is Infinitely Than He Appears Whether Tommy Is Leading Mike And His Family And Friends To Salvation Or Death Remains To Be Seen.

[PDF / Epub] ✩ The End (Zombie Fallout, #3)  ☉ Mark Tufo –
  • Audio CD
  • The End (Zombie Fallout, #3)
  • Mark Tufo
  • English
  • 08 January 2019
  • 9781452637112

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ✩ The End (Zombie Fallout, #3) ☉ Mark Tufo –

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    I do not want to do reviews of all the series, so I will have my say here about book 2 3 Don t worry, I won t post any spoilers.This week I have listened to the audio book versions of books 2 3 and I have to admit I am really enjoying this series Depending on how the series turns out I may have to rethink the 4 5 stars I gave books 1, 2 and 4, and give them all a 5 5 star rating.Book 2 and its McDonalds story had me laughing my a off and I had to pause it and regain my composure to continue Some people, in their reviews have stated there is too much comedy attempted and failed within these pages Like I said before, the authors sense of humor stands out in these books But To me it is mostly the main character s nature, a sarca...

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    Still a great series, just read online that the rights have been sold for a series either movie or tv hope they do it justice

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    Pulled back from the brink of death, Michael Talbot is determined to protect his loved ones against not only the zombie plague, which has taken over the planet but the threat that Eliza, the vampire holds Even a reinforced military base may not be enough to keep her at bay The government may have Humvees, heavy artillery and helicopters loaded with missiles, but Eliza has an ace up her sleeve Talbot depends on Tommy to give him the right information at the right time, but their pop tart loving guide, who hears Ryan Seacrest in his head, might not be as innocent as he seems.I cannot believe I made it through all three hundred and fifty five pages of this novel I am telling you right now Fangs readers, you owe me one Michael Talbot continues to be an epic Gary Stu Everyone around Talbot exists to constantly prop him up, and follow his lead Even Alex and Paul, who have decided to travel in a different direction than Talbot, in order to find their families and avoid Eliza s clutches, spend their time chastising themselves for leaving Talbot, while talking about how amazing the trained marine is and alternately angsting about their disloyalty for abandoning Talbot in his hour of need Bren...

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    My Rating Scale 1 Star Horrible book, It was so bad I stopped reading it I have not read the whole book and wont2 Star Bad book, I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend I can t believe I read it once3 Star Average book, Was entertaining but nothing special No plans to ever re read4 Star Good Book, Was a really good book and I would recommend I am Likely to re read this book5 Star GREAT book, A great story and well written I can t wait for the next book I Will Re Read this one or times.Number of times read 1A promising series that failed to meet expectations This is not even worth reading Characters The characters have become ridiculous The first 2 books were entertaining, the remaining have been painful to read This is the last book in the series that I intend to read.Story Not much to say Fart jokes, stupidity,...

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    I am afraid my interest in this series has declined with each book, though each one has managed character and plot revelation moments and enough of the humor to keep me moving on to the next installment Some of the prose gets on my nerves, from the excessive dialogue tags with adverbs and actions to excessive time with the main character bemoaning smells and his germophobia I bought the fourth book pretty soon after finishing ...

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    The haters of this series crack me up almost as much as the books do It s hard to imagine that there are zombie snobs out there, butI find Mike Talbot s narration of his often absurd tales of survival too much fun I have listened to the audiobooks since book 1 and they couldn t have picked a better narrator to bring his and all the other characters to life.If you re looking for a deep, dark scienti...

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    Read this while in holiday, in the U.K Review to come.

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    Can t get enough of the Talbot s and this series Another fine addition to the collection As always I went with the audiobook version of this one.

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    Don t let the title fool you I think the series is up to seven books, not including the third half step Michael s zombie saga continues Rather than provide a summary of what happens, go back, read the first book in the series, and enjoy The crazy thing is that as much as I think I won t like the next addition, I always do It s a solid 5 stars for me, because somehow, you can t help but fall in love with the family and root for their survival It s zombie with a quirky twist Yes, you should read from the beginning Tufo does not do the best job at creating standalone titles, and ...

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    Once you get sucked into the story, you just can t put his books down, it s like reading someone s diary that you found in the attic. from long ago You get so involved in the characters and when something happens its like watching a mixture between the greatest horror movie to the greatest action adventure movie ever madeexcept your picturing the stor...

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