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Read ✓ 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian By Pamela Rice –

101 Reasons Why I'm A VegetarianFor Many Years, Pamela Rice Authored And Produced A Pamphlet Entitled 101 Reasons Why I M A Vegetarian, Keeping It Updated With Six Editions Over Thirteen Years Known To All Who Have Read It As The Mighty Convincer, The Pamphlet Offered Pointed, Bite Sized Arguments For Choosing The Meatless Diet From The Perspectives Of Human Health, Animal Welfare Rights, Economics, And The Environment Over 180,000 Copies Of The Pamphlet Have Been Put Into Circulation The Success She Gained From The Pamphlet Grew To The Point Where Pamela Was Able To Open The Vegetarian Center Of NYC The First Of Its Kind In The Nation.Now Pamela Has Written An Expanded And Fully Resourced Book Length Version Of Her Pamphlet, Filling Out The Details Of Her Argument And Providing Up To Date Information, But Maintaining Her Engaging And Informed Style In 101 Reasons Why I M A Vegetarian, She Covers Everything From The Conditions For Animals On Factory Farms To Disappearing Fish Stocks, Lagoons Of Animal Waste, High Incidences Of Heart Disease, Colon Cancer And Other Diseases, And Other Information From Industry Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines, Web Sites, And Other Less Readily Available Sources.A Work Of Prodigious Scholarship And Dedication, Written With Wit And Skill, 101 Reasons Why I M A Vegetarian Is Sure To Become The Handy Reference Work For Vegetarians Who Want To Give Their Meat Eating Friends One Book That Explains Why They Do What They Do, And For Meat Eaters Who Want To Understand All The Arguments For A Meatless Diet If You Ve Ever Been Curious About Vegetarians And Why They Eat The Way They Do, Pam Rice Is The Woman To Tell You Without Sentimentality Or Preaching, She Provides A Clear And Thoughtful Understanding Of One Of The Most Important Choices A Person Can Make You Don T Have To Be A Vegetarian To Benefit From This Book You Only Need To Care About Your Health And The Health Of Our Planet John Robbins, Author, Diet For A New America And The Food Revolution101 Reasons Why I M A Vegetarian Gives You All The Motivation You Ll Need To Take The One Easy Step That Can Revolutionize Your Health And Help The Environment Go Vegetarian You Need This Book What S , You Ll Love It Neal Barnard, President, The Cancer Project And The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

Read ✓ 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian By Pamela Rice –
  • Paperback
  • 253 pages
  • 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian
  • Pamela Rice
  • English
  • 09 December 2019
  • 9781590560754

    10 thoughts on “Read ✓ 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian By Pamela Rice –

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    101 Reasons contains morsels of new information, even for those who have been meat free for decades I was surprised to learn, for example, that Agricultural workers are excluded from the National Labor Relations Act, which gives other workers the right to organize and complain about conditions without fear of employer reprisal.Wow, just like agricultural animals are specifically excluded from anti cruelty laws Things are pretty merciless down on the farm.The author whom I met once, briefly also tosses in witty yet truthful paragraphs such as Vegetarians don t need to slaughter their food They don t need to anesthetize their grapefruit before sectioning it out To stun a broccoli spear or flax seed and bleed it out and butcher it not necessary An artichoke does not foam at the mouth it does not have a mouth, or a mother, or a face or fill up with adrenaline out of fear or look at you in panic before you cut it Plant foods do not wail in pain when you prepare them What a great feeling of solace to know these things, when all you eat is plants Rice also demolishes every Defensive Omni Bingo you ve heard with cool facts and logic such as that little gem about farm animal overpopulation we all know and love Make sure you aren t eating when Rice explains to us the brave new world of factory farm animal reproduction Artificial insemination is now nearl...

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    This is a great book for anyone wanting to read up on vegetarianism Going beyond the physical refusal to eat meat, Pamela Rice delves into the social and ethical implications of choosing a vegetarian lifestyle I found myself putting this down and picking it back up to read a bit at a time.

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    Cogent arguments, with some backup documentation, about the compelling reasons to be a vegan one consumes no animal products in their diets lives as much as is possible.

  4. says:

    Very Interesting She uses so many sources.

  5. says:

    You ll want to buy this book and keep it as quick reference.

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    The leaflet was a major factor of my becoming a vegetarian 10 years ago The book goes into depth and detail Well written.

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    Great read Provided details on the food industry that I did not know about Definately influenced my current food choices.

  8. says:

    Love the format rice jumps from topics including health, environment, animal rights, and world impact Who would eat meat after reading this it is soooo bad.

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