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!!> KINDLE ❄ The Iron Duke ❁ Author Meljean Brook –

The Iron DukeSteampunk Adventure And Seductive Danger Abound In The Gritty World Of The Iron Seas.After The Iron Duke Freed England From Horde Control He Instantly Became A National Hero Now Rhys Trahaearn Has Built A Merchant Empire On The Power And Fear Of His Name And When A Dead Body Is Dropped From An Airship On To His Doorstep, Bringing Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth Into His Dangerous World, He Intends To Make Her His Next Possession.Mina Can T Afford His Interest, However, Horde Blood Runs Through Her Veins, And Becoming Rhys S Lover Would Destroy Both Her Career And Her Family, Yet The Investigation Prevents Her From Avoiding Him.But When Mina Uncovers The Victim S Identity, She Stumbles Upon A Conspiracy That Threatens The Lives Of Everyone In England To Save Them, Mina And Rhys Must Race Across Zombie Infested Wastelands And Perilous Oceans And Mina Discovers The Danger Is Not Only To Her Countrymen, As She Finds Herself Tempted To Give Up Everything To The Iron Duke.

!!> KINDLE ❄ The Iron Duke ❁ Author Meljean Brook –
  • Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • The Iron Duke
  • Meljean Brook
  • English
  • 26 May 2017
  • 9780241956670

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    This is the third novel I ve read belabelled Steampunk and so far it is the best.Unlike Clare s rendition of Clockwork Angel, Brook s The Iron Duke doesn t nervously flirt with Steampunk but wantonly embraces it like a Steampunk addict chasing after its next hit.Similarly to Carriger s Soulless, The Iron Duke is heavy on romance though with far satisfying love scenes and lacking in the supernatural, paranormal element.No, Brook understands Steampunk and she executed it well, creating a world styled off 19th century England but with a rich and textured history Don t be fooled by the confusing, awkward and clunky beginning Brook didn t choose the best method to relay the backstory of Horde control and a mechanical population at odds with the wealthy elitists who refuse nanoagents However, this confusing introduction is soon swept away by the fantasy of men with piston operated arms, mechanical eyes, steel plated sabre cats, Krakken, air ships, automatons and all the whimsy that a novel like this deserves.The story may revolve around the romance of the two leads, The Iron Duke and Mina, an intelligent, cold, strong Inspector, but it also focuse...

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    Dear dad, I know you follow and read my goodreads reviews, which I appreciate, really, but I just wanted to let you know that while this is a sci fi alternate history book that is pretty interesting in a lot of ways it is also a romance novel that I read for a book club and it has lots of VERY EXPLICIT sex parts that I might mention, explicitly, in this review So it is ok if you don t want to read this one Sincerely, your sonThe Iron Dukes sits at the intersection of everywhere and nowhere in terms of my reading habits it s science fictiony, which is a genre I enjoy and read a decent amount of I even have a dedicated book club and it s a romance, which I have never read at all unless you count just reading the sex scenes in books I thought might be dirty when I was about 11 Which I think we can agree is really not the same thing.I certainly had some preconceived notions about romance books that I can t say have been proven or disproven by this one, because being an alternate history steampunk story that is actually a rather ambitious yarn, I wager it makes an effort in terms of narrative that something like Wicked Harvest perhaps does not That said, there are also sex scen...

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    zombies kraken pirates automatons marriage reform nanotech mongols just another classic steampunk romance, right or maybe not this is my first one it was crazy none of the other bodice rippers wanted to read the shapeshifter romance come on guys shapeshifters romance i am so curious about the mechanics of it, but i am not going to read one without the protective cloak of the rest of the rippers so steampunki mean, honestly, there wasn t anything wrong with this book it replicated a lot of the typical romance conventions and fell into the same booby traps which is totally not the right word, but i got to say booby two strong willed people like this shouldn t really spend this much time running away from each other, legitimate reasons or no sex should not be this complicated in this book, racial and gender issues were legitimate roadblocks, but between the two of them they had guns and money and a title and and self confidence and an iron freaking skeleton these two should not have anything standing in the way of whatever they want these are the kind of people who tell other people the way things are going to be, not sheep people who are slaves to silly societal norms i mean, i personally would not have put up with his sexual pushiness, but she seems okay with occasionally being pushed up against a wall and getting the physical equivalent of you mean yes ...

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    I have to hand it to Meljean Brook She created a wonderfully detailed and fantastical world in this book If a reader is wondering what steampunk is, I will definitely point them towards this book I was very impressed how she integrated nanotechnology into her world building, and the nanotech fit very well in this universe There are some aspects that seem rather dystopian, despite the fact that this is a Victorian like setting The use of robotic technology has some great applications, but some are rather horrific In this story, a large degree of the world, particularly Europe and associated continents, has been subjugated by the Horde, which I intepreted to be the Mongols as in Genghis Khan Many of the major cities of Europe are under occupation or have been razed to ruins Zombies roam the unoccupied territories, humans who were infected by nanobots that caused them to become vicious, cannibalistic monsters However, many regular humans are infected with nanobots that enhance them in many positive, and some negative ways The problem is that the Horde can control those humans, called buggers, with radio signals In this world, the Horde are hated and despised, which creates a lot of problems for the heroine, Mina She is the product of a Horde frenzy in which control of her mother s body via control of the nanobots by radio signals was overtaken by the Horde, and she engaged in a Horde orgy, resorting in Mina She wa...

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    I enjoyed it a LOT, just one thing brought it down from 5 stars, which I will specify at the end BTW Has VERY racy scenes as a warning to the non smutty lovers, but that wasn t my 1 star point haha I would give worldbuilding 5 stars The first chapter is a bit confusing, but the world that is spun out over the novel is ENDLESSLY interesting, one of the few books that has made me read SLOWLY to see what all the steampunk stuff really is about FASCINATING history with the Horde and the nanobugs, I just cannot sing praises enough about the rich playground the author has invented here Looking forward to MANY books in this world.Heroine 5 stars LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS CHARACTER I thought the worldbuilding lent itself to the creation of a very rich character, one that deals with ostracism and race in a way that is so understanding, so interesting SO NOT CLICHED I really thought this character could be one that arcs over book after book without settling down with a guy, she was that strong For a very romance book, it s a relief and a pleasure I was rooting for her all the way pretty much.Hero 3 stars UHHHHHG Ok, he was hot sometimes, but honest to god the word Shag just rubbed me the wrong way, IN ADDITION he was kinda a bully and just tried to force the heroine to do what he wanted in a way that felt almost predatorial Now, some of this was because of his backstory, but no one else really called him out on his bullying, not even the heroine most of the ti...

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    I won this ARC in a contest at Dear Author.I have a confession to make I was afraid to read this book I have a serious love affair with this author s Guardian series I mean, how many of my Goodreads friends did I nag into reading it lately Five I know they finally broke down and read it just to shut me up, but that s okay, because they loved it anyway and I got people to talk about it with So, I was afraid something would happen and I wouldn t be able to get into the new series and I d lose a favorite author Thank God I slapped the neurotic out of myself and read it It was great So this is an alternate view of England Two hundred years ago some of the English, now referred to as bounders, fled the Horde and only returned to England after the Iron Duke had broken the Horde control The bounders aren t very popular because they ve come back to try to claim their titles and their land and are rich, while the people of England who stayed and suffered are poor The Horde hid nanoagents or bugs in the sugar they traded with England When the time was right, they activated the bugs and thus began the Horde control Nine years ago, the Iron Duke had broken the Horde control on England For his trouble, his pirating was pardoned and his was awarded a Dukedom.This book opens with Mina Wentworth being called to the house of the Iron Duke to investigate a murder She works for the Metropolitan Police Force and is very good a...

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    This book was both lots of fun and quite disappointing The alternate history of a Mongol dominated England with mind controlling nanoagents, steampunk body grafts, and forced social reorganization was original and fascinating Brook worked the steampunk elements into the story and the lives of the characters in a intimate and plot effecting way, and she also showed how the political and scientific changes common to this genre would not be superficial window dressing on the same old Victorian stereotype world but would cause changes in gender roles, family relations, local and world economies, international diplomacy, religious practice this is some fascinating territory for exploration she is setting up here.And then Then Instead of developing all this really awesome material, she decided to write a romance And not even a good romance A generic romance The same disgusting, sexist, rapey romance people have been writing for decades A woman who seems strong and independent but is afraid of her emotions and desires An ultra alpha male man who overpowers her and forces himself on her, because no doesn t mean no, especially if women are saying no for practical reasons like not wanting lose their jobs and reputations But because this is a romance the reader knows the two main characters are Meant To Be so it doesn t count as rape And we know they are in love even though they pretty much just think about and ha...

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    Hordes Buggers Bounders Frenzy, oh my What a world It took a while for me to understand this extremely imaginative world, but I enjoyed every moment of this book The Iron Duke portrays an alternative history in a very different Europe The Horde controls people through nanotechnology People, especially those living in polluted London, are infected with these agents because they have healing properties When certain radio frequencies are transmitted, the infected people, known as the Buggers go into a Frenzy This is a world full of imaginative contraptions and genetically mechanically altered creatures and zombies, too There are airships, mechanical carts, mechanical page turners, even mechanical sex toys Mechanically altered people exist as well, reminiscent of Star Trek s Borg.Our story begins when a man is dropped from an airship on to The Iron Duke s house Inspector Mina Wentworth is dispatched to investigate the crime The Iron Duke, also known as Rhys Traheaern, is immediately attracted to Mina Rhys arranges to use his former pirate contacts in order to help Mina solve the crime.Rhys uses this opportunity to get closer to ...

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    London freed by the former pirate The Iron Duke is still a London chock full of resentment, violence, economic insecurity, destroyed body parts replaced by machinery, and racism against half breeds descended from the city s former masters, the Mongolians known as The Horde Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth is one of those luckless, product of and later, victim of the ability of the Horde to make their pet English do as they pleased, sexually and otherwise Inspector Wentworth has a lot to deal with everyday contempt from Londoners still angry over their former servitude, a noble family in dire financial straits, a body dropped from a zeppelin onto the Iron Duke s estate, and a beloved younger brother lost or kidnapped Perhaps her biggest problem, one she won t admit even to herself she has a hankering for that Iron Dick.Overall this was surprisingly impressive, despite its laughable cover and designation as some sort of Steampunk Romance not that I have anything against Steampunk or Romance Meljean Brook is a really talented writer and the world she constructs is almost dizzying in its complexity and layers of history But the story never feels cluttered This alternate England is deeply, richly imagined so much so that it could have been too much Brook s imagination is a fertile one, and in the hands of a lesser author, the story could have been easily overwhelmed by all of the creativity on display But her smooth, exciting narrative and deliberate pars...

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    A few hundred years before the novel opens, the Asian Horde took over much of the Western world with a mix of force and superior technology Lacking any navy of merit, they had to be a bit creative in their attack on Britain, choosing to smuggle nanoagents into the cheap sugar and tea they exported to the island nation As the people ate and drank, they unwittingly infected themselves with tiny bits of self replicating machinery While the bugs made people stronger, hastened healing and allowed a wide range of prosthetic enhancements, the downside was that the Horde could control the infected via a radio frequency transmitted by a tall tower in London.The story takes place nine years after Rhys Trahaearn, now known as the Iron Duke, blows up the tower, freeing all of Britain from Horde control After a bloody revolution where a mad populace attacked the Horde and each other in a fury borne of a lifetime of tight control suddenly ended, Britain is at a crossroads The descendants of the weal...

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