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Horses Never Lie About Love The Heartwarming True Story Of A Woman And The Horse Who Changed Her Life.Jana Harris Had Always Dreamed Of Having A Horse Farm, And She Knew The Horse On Whom She Could Build Her Dreams The Moment She Saw Her On A Ranch In The Eastern Mountains Of Washington State, Where A Herd Had Been Corralled To Be Sold A Beautiful, Deep Dark Red Colored Mare Standing About Sixteen Hands, With A White Star On Her Pretty Head Something About The Way This Mare Guarded Her Handsome Foal Spoke To Harris The Mare Was Named True Colors When True Colors Was Delivered To Harris S Ranch Three Months Later, However, She Was Unrecognizable Head Shy From The Infected Sores On Her Face, And Lungs Damaged By Pneumonia, She Sensed Demons Hiding In Everything From The Scent Of Fabric Softener On Clothes To A Gate In A Fence This Injured, Traumatized Horse Existed Between Two Worlds Wild And Domesticated And Belonged To Neither Remarkably, The Other Horses Fell In Love With Her On Sight And True To Her Name, True Colors Would Never Pretend To Be Something She Was Not With Her Wise, Intuitive Nature, She Would End Up Changing The Lives Of Everyone She Encountered This Is The Story Of True Colors And How, With Her Quiet Wisdom, She Became The Heart Of The Range And Farm There Is A Famous Horseman S Saying A Horse Never Lies About Its Pain But Maybe We Should Also Consider A Horse Never Lies About Love.

[ Download ] ➹ Horses Never Lie About Love  Author Jana Harris –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Horses Never Lie About Love
  • Jana Harris
  • English
  • 11 July 2019
  • 9781451605853

    10 thoughts on “[ Download ] ➹ Horses Never Lie About Love Author Jana Harris –

  1. says:

    As a horse lover, and horse owner, I engaged with the author in the beginning of her book over the ups and downs of horse ownership However, as I read about her breeding farm I became and troubled by her selfishness to breed for her own interests and further, to get rid of the offspring that didn t quite pan out for her As a horse rescue voluntee...

  2. says:

    The book is ok I kept reading trying to see what the point of the book wasbut there wasn t one Jana Harris makes poor decisions and they are documented in story form I guess to each is own but I wouldn t recommend the book.

  3. says:

    This is a depressing book full of bad choices and poor horse care and breeding practices You can read my full review at

  4. says:

    Janna Harris is just not my kind of horse person and never really seems to connect with any of the horses she owned or bred Although she went through a lot and probably spent a lot she spends time describing what kind of nail polish her vet had on, dropping names of fancy wines she drinks or the gourmet meals she eats and then sells or gives away all or most of the horses when she needs money or they do not live up to her expectations saying she feels bad but..and the horses...

  5. says:

    I loved this book until I got about halfway through it It began so promisingly Horses plus an author who can really write are a rare combination I was hooked But somewhere halfway through the book, I just became increasingly annoyed with the author s blundering and helplessness I have owned and very occasio...

  6. says:

    This is a book that probably every horse person will love, you can t help it You fall in love with the horses she chooses and breeds and yet, I don t believe in breeding because of all the thousands of horses every year who end up starved or slaughtered or abandoned so I got irked with Harris for breeding her mares and studding out her stallions Then she would sell the babies and hope they got a good, forever home Just because this is something I could never do doesn t make it wron...

  7. says:

    Good, not great I learned about horses and which types of horses are good for what type of riding etc I love learning about these amazing creatures but I failed to see why this horse was revered She was an excellent brood mare, but was only...

  8. says:

    I don t care for this woman and I almost stoped reading after the comment, Byron the ugliest weanling I de ever seen, no wonder his dam had kicked him in the face She was worried about selling True Colors to an abusive situation but was willing to sell her as r...

  9. says:

    Interesting title Horses Never Lie About Love, but after reading this I think that some of their owners sure do.

  10. says:

    I have always loved horses so I was anxious to read this book In this touching book the author shares the story of True Colors a Thoroughbred horse whom she purchased from The Rocking D Ranch in May 1986 The situation was less than ideal on the ranch, the horses were allowed to run on the range and had never really been handled and were afraid of people There was one mare that stood out for Jana Harris because of the way the horse guarded her foal That mare turned out to be a beautiful horse named True Colors Ms Harris purchases True Colors and her foal along with another foal that was yet to be born, to be delivered to her farm later While the foals were delivered on time, the breeders kept putting her off regarding the delivery of True Colors When True Colors was finally delivered to the farm, she didn t look like the same horse Her face had been burned and she had a persistent cough because she had gotten to close to wildfires that were going on near the Rocking D ranch.The story the author shares in her book Horses Never Lie About Love is a touching story of how the author thru loving care and patience finally gained the trust of True Colors and how True Colors touched everyone around her I really loved reading not only about True Colors but also the other horses on the Harris ranch There was the two foals that she purchased named BeDazzeled which she ni...

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