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!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) ❤ Author Toni Blake –

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5)THE LOVESICK MATCMAKER HAS FINALLY MET HER MATCHAmy Bright Might Be The Best Matchmaker In Destiny, Ohio, But She S Desperately Shy When It Comes To Her Own Love Life And Helpless When It Comes To Logan Whitaker, With Whom She S Head Over Heels In Love So Amy Decides To Become Logan S Secret Admirer, Sending Him Sensual Love Letters Steamy Enough To Unseal Their Own Envelopes.After A Tragedy On The Job, Firefighter Logan Is Battling Demons Thank Goodness Amy Is There For Him But When A Woman From Logan S Past Resurfaces Right As Some Anonymous Letters Send Logan S Pulse Hammering, Suddenly He Doesn T Know What He Needs One Smoking Hot Kiss Could Change Everything But Will It Ruin A One Of A Kind Friendship, Or Show Logan And Amy That They Ve Already Found Everything They Need, Right Here In Destiny

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) ❤ Author Toni Blake –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 373 pages
  • Willow Springs (Destiny, #5)
  • Toni Blake
  • English
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9780062024619

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    2.5 stars I m bummed I wanted better for Logan and Amy s story They were life long friends, and I normally love a friends to lover storyline, but I didn t buy this romance It was sudden, confusing, and not all that romantic of a story After a drunken kiss between these two, Logan and Amy suddenly start to develop romantic feelings after years of being just friends Unfortunately half the story is of them analyzing and fretting over their changing feelings I had hoped for some unrequited love by at least one of them, but nope The romantic development between them happens later in the book We first have to read through Logan chasing another woman the friend from his past , while Amy is spinning her wheels wondering how she is ever going to confess her feelings to him And when things FINALLY do heat up, their romance development wasn t all that heart melting or convincing Logan was inconsiderate and clueless, Amy wishy washy, and the friend from the past an unlikable bitch We get very little POV from Logan, which left me wondering what he was thinki...

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    Well, Toni Blake has done it again Much like Robyn Carr and her tremendously popular, down home Virgin River series, Toni Blake has captured the mood of small town Destiny, Ohio life with her vivid characterizations, natural dialogue, and picturesque setting Reading a Destiny novel is like slipping into a pair of your favorite worn jeans after a stressful day very comforting and relaxing And while this story may not be my favorite of the whole series as far as wringing the emotion...

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    3 stars Contemporary RomanceI m a big fan of Toni Blake s Destiny series and friends to lovers storylines, so I was really looking forward to Amy and Logan s book And while I enjoyed the comfy familiarity of once again visiting small town Destiny, Ohio and spending time with its endearing characters, I was disappointed with the romance this time around.The H h pairing of town good girl and resident matchmaker, Amy, and her hunky firefighter lifelong best friend, Logan, had potential for a great romance but unfortunately didn t quite deliver and fell rather flat Their relationship progression from friends to sudden attraction following an awkward kiss to unexpected is this love that I m feeling just didn t seem believable, especially with Logan spending a significant amount of time flirting with and circling around a woman from the past whose surprise appearance in Destiny and competition for Logan s attention makes Amy rather miserable The triangle went on far too long, and I just didn t buy the character motivations, romance, or eventual HEA My biggest complaint was with Logan s character, or accurately, his shortage of appeal I m a hero centric romance reader and Logan was sorely lacking as a romantic hero He was immature, selfish, oblivious, inconsiderate, and pretty much an a hat for most of the book His constant ineptitude regarding Amy s feelings was frustrating, and I wanted he...

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    There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart Jane Austen, Emma Full review now posted Logan Whitaker Willow Springs is the fifth book in Toni Blake s Destiny series, and one emotional story I ve never shed so many tears while reading any book as I did with this one, and it s not even story of hardship, illness or death This is a tale of first love and all the pain, heartache, hope and joy that comes with it, even when that love doesn t find you until you re 30 years old From the cover This lovesick matchmaker has finally met her match Amy Bright might be the best matchmaker in Destiny, Ohio, but she s desperately shy when it comes to her own love life and helpless when it comes to Logan Whitaker, the best friend whom she s head over heels in love with So Amy decides to become Logan s secret admirer, sending him sensual love letters steamy enough to unseal their own envelopes One letter leads to another, one thing leads to another, and then comes an unplanned kiss Overcoming a tragedy from his life as a firefighter, Logan needs a friend Thank goodness for Amy But when a woman from Logan s past resurfaces right as some anonymous letters send Logan s pulse hammering, suddenly he doesn t know what he needs a reliable friend, or a passionate lover One smoking hot kiss could change everything but will it ruin a one of a kind friendship, or show Logan and Amy that they ve already found everything they need, r...

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    Willow Tree I have mixed feelings about this one I received it from a GRs friend who tossed it into the package with something else she was mailing me I love stories of small town lovin and upon cracking the book, couldn t put it down until later Then I could, as it became a bit repetitive The main characters, which I liked at the beginning, kept harping on the same issues This is what we all do with the people we love, but still And Amy and Logan have certainly loved each other since the sand box, if love in a different manifestation If I thought the set up was for the protagonists to get closer, they took two steps back if I thought the set up was for them to pull apart, they took a giant step forward Sometimes this was not so much a surprise as a little strange.Also, not to give any ...

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    2 Awkward Stars What was this I m still scratching my head I finally found the time to continue this series and I was so disappointed with Amy and Logan s book There was a point when I seriously considered putting it aside I did continue, not because of Amy and Logan, but I was hoping to find out about the other characters in the series Amy was a pain in the ass, and OMG wah wah wahwhat a Debbie Downer Loganjeez, I don t even know what to make of him Okay, I understand that he went through a traumatizing event, but he acted like an shlub Their internal dialogue drove me nuts, as well as their stilted conversations These characters are in their 30 s and they were childish, the chemistry between them was lacking Nonot lackingnil, nada, non existent, and the story had very little substance Well, they say misery loves company, so maybe these two were perfect for each other.There was so much wrong with this book, and there are some things I would rather not talk about, because it would ruin the story for potential readers Particularly about a crucial event that affected many of the characters, and has been a source of mystery throughout the series For those of you who have read Willow Springs you know what I m talking about This part of the story had tremendous potential and it fell flat I ll just end my ranting here I ve read...

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    As much as I wanted to love this book, it ended up falling flat for me I was sooooo looking forward to Amy and Logan s story I knew there d be awkward moments, but I didn t anticipate Logan ripping Amy s hear...

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    Really a 3.5 rating I had higher hopes for this book because there was mention of Amy and Logan in previous books in the series I do love me a friends to lover story but this one falls short Amy is absolutely adorable in this book I love her transformation from a shy woman to a woman who goes after what she wants However, I was not impressed by Logan Yes, he cares for her but his feelings appeared lukewarm all throughout the book He would do something stu...

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    Rating 2.5 5I guess I m in the minority that didn t particularly enjoy this book It wasn t a bad book, but it just didn t really work for me.Series Note Fifth book in the Destiny series about a small Ohio town and the people who live there.Summary Amy Bright and Logan Whitaker have been friends since childhood But when a tragedy strikes Logan while working as a firefighter, it leads to a kiss that changes everything Amy realizes that she wants from Logan than just friendship But she s not exactly experienced when it comes to man woman relationships It won t be easy for her to let Logan know how she feels.For Logan, his life is in turmoil as he questions the path he set for his life And when a new face arrives in Destiny, he wonders if it s, well, destiny Then Amy shows her true feelings and Logan is stunnedand intrigued But is he ready to commit to a future with his best friend Review I have to admit that going into this book I was a little wary In all my time reading romance books I ve never particularly been a fan of the whole friends to lovers theme Especially when it s such a long time friendship like with Logan and Amy in this book.So yeah, I didn t entirely enjoy that aspect of this book There s just something about that theme that I don t buy into and the way the author wrote this book didn t make it any better Th...

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    2.5 stars sigh This book just did not work for me on so many levels I m just really disappointed Logan was an unlikable character almost the entire book I couldn t figure out what any grown woman would see in him He s like a child who s distracted constantly by something shiny Never stops to think about anyone but himself and then is shocked when this bothers other people He s like a frat boy or a teenager and, personally, I don t want to read a sexy romance about a juvenile.Amy, while a little too innocent and wishy washy did grow on me She was aware of her faults and embraced them, which I find comendable She didn t want to be a door mat and so she stood up for herself It didn t always work, but I assume that s because she doesn t have much of a life outside her bookstore I bought her naivite sp It worked for her character and in the story line.The other thing that made this almost a dnf for me was the person from the past Or I believe she s mentioned as a friend from Logan s past First, not an accurate description But what really ticked me off is that this character was so unlikable and unsympathetic I m guessing because she played such a large part in the story, and will continue to, she ll get her own HEA I can t imagine how TB wi...

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