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Angel-SeekerElizabeth Was Born To Wealth, But Circumstances Forced Her To Live As A Servant In Her Cousin S Household Determined To Change Her Life For The Better, She Makes The Journey To The Town Of Cedar Hills, Hoping That An Angel Will Take Notice Of Her, And Take Her As His Own.Rebekah Is A Daughter Of The Jansai Tribe, Raised To Hate The Angels And To Marry Whichever Man Her Father Chooses For Her But In Her Heart, She Longs For A Different Life And When She Finds An Injured Angel Near Her Village, She Defies Her Upbringing To Care For Him.In Time, These Two Women, Whose Paths Will Cross, Will Both Find What They Desire, In Surprising And Dangerous Ways

Download ☆ Angel-Seeker By Sharon Shinn –
  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • Angel-Seeker
  • Sharon Shinn
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9780441011346

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    This is a somewhat disjointed romantic fantasy set after the events of Archangel.There are two main plots Each has interesting moments, but they re barely connected That makes the jump back in time that Shinn often does when shifting between perspectives seem even jarring than it usually is in this series.One story is about a formerly wealthy young woman who wants to reclaim her earlier lifestyle by trying to bear an angel s child The other is about an isolated Jansai whose chance encounter with an angel helps her realize how dissatisfied she is with her oppressive culture.This book deals with the Jansai than any of the previous ones, and I was looking forward to learning about their secretive lives I hoped that they would end up being somewhat different from the way the other cultures view them, just as the angels and Edori aren t well understood by those who have had little contact with them.Unfortunately there is no nuance to their portrayal, Shinn is determined to have them remain flat villains All adult Jansai men are varying degrees of bad, and none have a problem with unthinkable brutality One teenager shows compassion, but does so in a cowardly way that wouldn t have really helped without a stroke of luck I hoped that the women would at least show some subtle forms of power and control in their own homes, but they re rigid, complacent, and casually abu...

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    Five years ago I discovered the most awesome of awesome Sharon Shinn I d been walking past Archangel in the bookstore for ages at that point and passing it up every single time because of the cover Will I ever mend my cover snobbery ways I remember it was a recommendation by a very trusted Readerville friend that finally pushed me over the edge into buying a copy and giving it a shot I didn t get past the first page no, the first line before falling irrevocably in love The angel Gabriel went to the oracle on Mount Sinai, looking for a wife.The world such a world she creates in that book And, as I ve told you many a time, she is no slouch in the character department either Rachel and Gabriel are as beloved to me as any characters I ve ever read They re so real to me they transcend the barrier of between book and reader At the time I had no idea it was actually the first book in a series the Samaria series Upon finding out, I immediately dashed to the bookstore and purchased books two and three and glommed my way through them as well, barely pausing to catch my breath despite the fact that hundreds of years passed in Samaria between each book Then a fourth boo...

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    This novel was written much later but follows on about 2 years after the events of Archangel even though this is technically the fifth book, it works superbly as a stand alone novel, and reads as if it were 2.The angels and people of Samaria are picking up the pieces after the god destroyed Mount Galo when the Gloria was not sung and Gabriel destroyed Windy Point where Raphael had ruled from A new hold for the southern province of Jordana must be built to take its place Gabriel appoints his half brother Nathan to the post and a new city rises at Cedar Hills.Where there are angels there are always angel seekers, mostly women who s ambition is to give birth to an angel baby and thus forever secure a place in the hold Angel babies are rare, and most mortal babies produced from these unions are abandoned Giving birth to one can kill a woman, mortal or angel.Elizabeth s wealthy parents are dead and she is forced to work in the kitchen at her cousin s farm Her dream is to be someone of consequence again, so it s only a matter of time before she gets up the courage to leave the farm and go to Cedar Hills to sedu...

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    Originally posted here.I love the world that Sharon Shinn created with her Samaria books I know there are a lot of series about angels out there but this one is really my favorite I m glad that Obadiah got his own story because he s a character that I really liked in Archangel He is sent by the Archangel Gabriel to go to Breven and deal with the Jansai The Jansai are merchants who have no love for angels, especially since Gabriel outlawed their main source of income the slavery of the Edori Obadiah is the perfect choice for this mission because of his charming personality He has a way with words and people can t help but like him Obadiah knew that the task wouldn t be easy but he never expected he d be suddenly injured in the middle of the desert with resources Thankfully, a young Jansai girl named Rebekah offers help even though it s forbidden for women of their race to even talk to men outside of their family, let alone an angel Interwoven with their story is Elizabeth s tale as she wishes to obtain a pampered life by being an angel seeker, a wom...

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    I chose to read this book after Archangel because the events in it are set right after those in Archangel despite this being the 5th book in the series.I loved Archangel The culture and the religion as well as the music, I found them all intriguing and was looking forward to .What I got instead was a huge dissapointment Because this sequel lacks music, it lacks depth and most of all, it seems to be even lacking common sense at times.The Jansai were the bad guys in the first book and as a culture they hadn t been described much They remain the bad guys in this sequel also but in an offensive not intriguiging way Mrs Shinn gives us here an entire people and an entire culture without any redeeming qualities whatsoever Her Jansai are rotten through and through, with all the men ranging between bad and horrible, and that s just unreasonable to me No matter the circumstances or the events, this is simply impossible Show me a single culture or a single people that doesn t have even a single good individual in its mist and I ll eat my damn boots And I won t even go near the religious aspect because as clear as day, the way the Jansai are written may be openly offensive to a certain religion in our days Don t get me wrong I have nothing against books on religion But when you put a real religion on page, shouldn t you at least try to add both the good and the bad at the same time What Mrs Shinn did with the Jansai it just doesn t do for me.The only reason I m rating this...

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    This was the fifth and final book in Shinn s Samaria series It s not that it reached any definitive conclusion to the series, just that it was the last one written and that the author has said she has no plans to write of them.I enjoyed it It seemed to have a bit of a political message, but it was one I agree with.All of these Samaria books are interesting blends of SF, fantasy, and romance The SF bit is that we re living in a world that is specifically not Earth but a distant colony of Earth in some equally distant future The fantasy bit is that we re living in a world with angels living amongst the mortals of the world, and there is no doubt about the reality of Jovah, their god They can sing prayers and get results, anything from manna falling from the heavens to lightning bolts blasting at the desired target And the romance well, in some ways I would say that they are all romance books merely set in an odd SF fantasy world.This book has two romances The first is between an ambitious girl and well, I won t say with whom She is determined to marry an angel and give birth to an angel child I won t say whether or not she succeeds, but I will say that her romance is about finding herself than whether or not she actually marries an angel I enjoyed this one quite a bit, mostly for her character arc.The second romance was between an angel and a young Jansai girl The Jansai are one of the many cultures populating the world of Samaria, and they seem ...

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    This book takes place shortly after the events of Archangel, although I believe Sharon Shinn wrote it after she wrote books that take place later and I m really glad she came back to the time period to write it For one thing, it resolves well, partially the Nathan Magdalena storyline that she leaves hanging at the end of Archangel I mean, we still don t know what s so special about their baby, but it was satisfying to get a little of their story.But on to the major plot points characters I really appreciate getting the story of an angel seeker, since in the other books they re spoken of derogatorily and without much empathy or depth Elizabeth is not always likable but is ambitious and hardworking and ultimately generous, and I like her The problem is, although we get some small exploration of her motivations, I wish we had and I wish we got any of her friend Faith s motivations, since Faith s storyline gets way dramatic The other problem is, Elizabeth s story is good, but it pales and seems shallow in comparison to Rebekah s story Much as I like Elizabeth and am interested in her, I actually think the book might have...

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    In the foothills of the unexciting Jordana, Elizabeth is not your average farm cook She doesn t flirt, and she doesn t blush at the grinning glance of a dimwitted farmer She was born and raised for better things before her parents died She may have little money but her pride is still intact So it s only natural that Elizabeth initially rejected seedy field hand Bennie s offer for a ride with him to Cedar Hills She doesn t want to give him any false ideas but she d than almost anything love to better her situation, and Cedar Hills would be just the place As the newest angel hold, it s the most accessible and popular place for angel seekers, women seeking to bear an angel child Elizabeth s hoping to do just that find an angel, bear his angel child, and live amongst the angel elite forever.The Jansai woman Rebekah s aspirations couldn t be opposite She can t imagine leaving her sheltered life in Breven, with its history of Edori enslavement still fresh and where women do not bare their faces in public and are raised for arranged, blind marriages Even though her life monotonous and boring...

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    Of the Samaria books this one is most easily read as a standalone as the action and romance mostly isn t connected to the larger worldbuilding that is going on in this series.This tells the story of two very different women Elizabeth a young woman who dreams of nothing than finding an angel lover and carrying his angelic offspring And Rebekah a young Jansai woman, who has her life planned out for her by the males in her family and grudgingly accepts this Until she finds a wounded angel that isI will confess that although Elizabeth s journey to love and happiness is really well written, I just never clicked with her, even on rereads She s too shallow at first and her change seems to go too smoothly Still it s a nice story that shows that dreams don t always come true the way you want.I love Rebekah s story I know t...

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    This one has to be my favorite of the series I do find it odd that, this the last book, is set just a few years after the first one If I had a complaint about this series that would be it The books are all over the place in time but not necessarily in book number order.Both of the woman in this story were extremely likeable, each for their own reasons, Rebekka, in her innocence and openness for life and Elizabeth, in her world weary view, wanting to just be safe and wanted in her life Each of these women had different goals, but found out that often in life what you hope for isn t always what is good for you.I did like learning of the angel seekers, but have to say that I really thought bad about them and can see where everyone else did too, they are little than whores with the end goal to have an angel baby You really h...

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