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[KINDLE] ✽ Hornswoggled Author Donis Casey –

HornswoggledIt S The Spring Of 1913 In Boynton, Oklahoma, And Alice Tucker Is In Love Everyone Likes Her New Beau, Walter Kelley, Except Alice S Mother, Alafair As Alafair Sets Out To Prove To The Headstrong Alice That Walter Is No Paragon, She Uncovers Such A Tangle Of Deceit That She Begins To Think The Whole Town Has Been Hornswoggled.

[KINDLE] ✽ Hornswoggled Author Donis Casey –
  • Audio
  • 0 pages
  • Hornswoggled
  • Donis Casey
  • 20 March 2019
  • 9781433285424

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    I m not a cozy kind of guy, but I recently found Donis Casey s series featuring Alafair Tucker, farm wife, mother and amateur sleuth in early Twentieth Century Oklahoma,and I am experiencing the zeal of the new convert While I still prefer my crime fiction darker, I relish each visit to the Tucker farm.HORNSWOGGLED picks up the next year after the events of the previous book, and begins with the discovery of a body in the creek running through the Tucker property The victim, with a bone handled knife still planted deep in her chest, is the wife of the local barber, a prosperous, well liked man who still manages to acquire a bit of a reputation as a philanderer When Alafair s daughter, Alice, shows signs of being smitten by the new widower,Alafair s instinctual distrust of the would be suitor pushes her into the murder investigation A twisted plot serves up suspects and suspense a plenty, and the flashes of the Tuckers at home shows the strength of family...

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    HORNSWOGGLED by Donis Casey Mystery Fiction, cozy 2.5 star ratingI so enjoyed the first in this series, The Old Buzzard Had it Coming, when I read it in 2010 There was a clever mystery, and Alifair Tucker seemed a down to earth and intelligent protagonist.It s awful how long it takes me to get back to a series that I want to continue But in this case, I should have postponed it indefinitely The mystery wasn t at all fairly clued and the body was moved surreptitiously so many times by so many different people that the book reminded me of the period English farces I watched at the Shaw Festival decades ago Only the book wasn t funny.Points for the period setting 1912 Oklahoma and dealing with t...

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    What fun I was taken right back to my childhood with these wonderful characters Alafair was my grandmother to a tee There was a familiar adage on every page and the life style was so like my experiences in small town 1930 s I am looking forward to all the rest of this series

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    It was a good book and I love the language the author uses, you can hear the characters talk and in the country dialect that would have been commonplace in those days However, this story almost contained to many twists and turns for my comfort It was a good story, and I will continue with the se...

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    Worth reading for the title alone I stumbled upon this series and was totally delighted by it This is a woman in 1910 frontier Oklahoma who solves murder mysteries, and is a farm wife and mother of 12 The descript...

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    this is a wonderful series

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    Interesting mystery.

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    Keep walking and listening.

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    This 2nd book in the series was even better than the 1st Almost 4 stars Unraveling the trail to this murder was quite a ride.

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    The second book in a series is tough People who were enchanted with the first book are looking for even better But if you poured your heart and talents into the first book, it is hard to keep up the standard Nonetheless, I found this a worthwhile read If nothing else, this book gives a sense of how hard investigation was for law enforcement and amateur investigators when all you have to go on is the most basic physical evidence.Every parent has wrestled with the principal challenge faced by Alifair Tucker how to stand by while your hard headed child is making what you believe is a major life mistake Alifair doesn t like the handsome, wealthy widower her daughter Alice has chosen as her fianc Then there is th...

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